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Kori Feener

Bernie Sanders is picking up his 2020 campaign for president right where he left off his 2016 one. But will his message resonate with enough voters to secure the Democratic nomination? Read more

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Kori Feener

A crowd of 2,500 strong came out to “feel the Bern” at a chilly, lakeside rally at James Madison Park. Sanders says his 2016 campaign changed the priorities of Democratic candidates. He asked voters for support to “complete the revolution” in 2020. Read more

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

A family rushed to Leopold Elementary on March 15 believing their fifth grader had been struck by the principal. They threatened to beat the principal’s “white ass,” but video surveillance showed the student fabricated the incident. Read more

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Satya Rhodes-Conway won voting wards across the city Tuesday night. Her victory ends what may be longtime mayor Paul Soglin’s last election. Read more

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The fifth annual Chef Week is all about the chefs. It celebrates what they most love to do: make great food. Read more



Victoria Davis

A group funded by Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has paid for $47,000 worth of mailers for challenger Satya Rhodes-Conway, while developers, CEOs and real estate agents are chipping in big for Mayor Paul Soglin. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Dane County Judge Richard Niess took a sledgehammer to the GOP’s 11th hour lame-duck session. His opinion is worth a read. Read more

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Amy Stocklein / Victoria Davis

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin says he has the experience to tackle Madison’s challenges. Challenger Satya Rhodes-Conway says it’s time to give someone else a shot. The election is less than three weeks away. Read more

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Ald. Samba Baldeh faces an opponent this spring — we’re guessing you’ve never heard of him. Isthmus staff writer Dylan Brogan reports on the council president’s unlikely challenger. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Romance is in the air year-round at the Madison school district’s planetarium. Staff writer Dylan Brogan reports the new digital projection system is out-of-this-world, too. Read more



Amy Stocklein

Mayor Paul Soglin and Satya Rhodes-Conway will square off in the general election on April 2. Staff writer Dylan Brogan reports on the candidates’ polar opposite campaign parties. Read more


The four candidates running for alder on the north side will oversee a development boom in the district. Staff writer Dylan Brogan asked the contenders how they will navigate these big changes. Read more


Council candidates on the far east side say their neighbors are concerned about crime. Three contenders are running to replace outgoing Ald. Amanda Hall. Staff writer Dylan Brogan reports. Read more

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Joe Rocco

Five challengers say it’s time for new leadership in Madison — in other words, it’s time for Mayor Paul Soglin to go. But the city’s veteran mayor says his opponents overlook progress made during his last two terms and he’s “not done yet.” Read more

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Dylan Brogan

With a new digs and robotic cameras, Madison City Channel is covering more city meetings than ever before. Staff writer Dylan Brogan got a behind-the-scenes look during a live broadcast of the Alcohol License Review Committee. Read more

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David Michael Miller

A new metal sculpture has been installed at the top of State Street. It’s the latest placemaking effort to activate the space. The city insists it wasn’t installed to prevent homeless people from sitting. Read more



Scott Gordon

The Capital Times hosted the first debate in the race for Madison mayor. Isthmus highlights answers from each of the candidates Read more

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Matthew Norman

Teens learn entrepreneurial skills and how to change the world at CEO’s of Tomorrow business incubator. Read more


Nick Hart, also running, just learned he doesn’t actually live in the city. Read more

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Three alders were appointed to the Madison Common Council this year. They all pledged not to run for a permanent spot on the council. Yet, two of them are. Read more


  • Snapshot-Memorial-High-School-Planetarium-crDylanBrogan-02212019.jpg

    Dylan Brogan

    Planetarium director Geoff Holt shows off an extreme ultraviolet image of the sun before the “Romance Under the Stars” program.

  • Snapshot-City-Channel-crDylanBrogan-01242019.jpg

    Dylan Brogan

    Carrie Stenerson (left) and Joe Schraven orchestrate City Channel’s broadcast of an Alcohol License Review Committee meeting.

  • Art-Madison-Municipal-Building-crDylanBrogan-11302018.jpg

    Dylan Brogan

    Artwork by Faisal Abdu’Allah at the Madison Municipal Building.

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    Dylan Brogan

  • Art-Madison-Municipal-Building-crDylanBrogan-11302018 3.jpg

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  • Art-Madison-Municipal-Building-crDylanBrogan-11302018 5.jpg

    Dylan Brogan