Economic Development


John December

Many Madisonians have long pined for a public market and a modern mass transit system. Meanwhile, roughly 80 miles away, Milwaukee has ticked both off of its to-do list. How did the city do it and what can Madison learn? Read more

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Core Spaces

What do neighbors think about a seven-story apartment complex being proposed for 126 Langdon St.? Who knows? Read more

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David Michael Miller

Public Service Commission chair Rebecca Valcq and commissioner Mike Huebsch rejected a motion that they recuse themselves from a decision on the Cardinal-Hickory Creek Line. Read more

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David Michael Miller

It’s been more than 10 years since the city began planning for a year-round public market. It still hasn’t been built. And it shouldn’t be. Read more

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CAS4 Architecture

McGrath Property Group’s five-floor mixed use project would include 153 apartments, 220 parking spaces and 11,000 square-feet of commercial space. Read more

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The Drumlin Farm was evicted 10 years ago, but the land its residents farmed remained largely undisturbed until last month when the Alexander Company cleared it to make way for Artisan Village. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Wisconsin taxpayers are on the hook for about $4.5 billion if you count the local subsidies as well. Foxconn’s Gou should have traveled to Madison to meet Gov. Evers, not the other way around. It was important symbolism and common good manners. Read more

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Mifflin Street Block Party 2019

Judith Davidoff

While pressure for redevelopment of the 500 block of Mifflin Street grows, the case to designate the block a historic district remains strong. Read more

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

As developers eye Park Street corridor, residents worry that their neighborhood will become a food desert. Read more



David Michael Miller

Foxconn is purchasing a building on the Capitol Square to make it easier for disgruntled taxpayers to show their outrage over the state’s botched deal with the Taiwanese manufacturer. Read more

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David Michael Miller

As more details come out, it appears that no one in the Walker administration did any research on liquid crystal display fabrication plants or on Terry Gou, the Taiwanese founder and CEO of Foxconn. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Clearly Foxconn was banking on former Gov. Scott Walker to stay in office and make sure it received its unneeded government payout even if it doesn’t meet all the targets. Read more

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Tax incremental financing was a slick idea and for the most part it’s worked out great in Madison. But there’s a downside. Read more

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Founded in 2013, Discovery To Product showed great promise to help UW-Madison researchers create successful companies. Instead, the program has become a model of university dysfunction. Read more



Jeff Miller/UW-Madison

Although UW-Madison spends more than $1 billion on research a year, many complain that bureaucracy is hampering research. However, the med school is striving to stay true to The Wisconsin Idea, by bringing its research to the people. Read more

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Kori Feener

Two companies hoping to get a controversial powerline approved through the Driftless Area are now funding the staff to review the project with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Read more



Google Earth

City residents are dreaming up ideas for the Oscar Mayer property, hoping to inspire and assist the property owner in making them happen. Read more

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Does a hotel proposal for the 100 block of State Street revive a neglected block or set a dangerous precedent on height limits? Opinions vary. Read more

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David Michael Miller

CUNA Mutual offers insurance to protect both landlords and tenants through hard times. Read more


Between 2005 and 2016, $5.14 billion worth of electric transmission line projects were built or approved in Wisconsin. Opponents say the lines are not needed, are too expensive, and there’s a better way. Read more

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