Edgewood High School

In the days before Edgewood High School filed suit against the city of Madison for religious discrimination, one of the school’s lawyers offered to coordinate with the city how the lawsuit would be explained to the public. Read more



Rettler Corporation

Edgewood wants to cancel its master plan in order to hold home games on its athletic field. Ald. Tag Evers responds with proposed zoning change that would require city approval to build stadiums and install lighting and amplified sound. Read more

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Rettler Corporation

In an effort to host athletic games, Edgewood is asking Madison to terminate its master plan. The school argues that the restrictions are a violation of their religious freedoms. Read more

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Edgewood High School’s proposal to build a stadium isn’t getting much love from candidates lining up to represent the Dudgeon Monroe neighborhood. But one of the two candidates sees room for compromise. Read more

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Rettler Corporation

Edgewood High School has long wanted a proper stadium to host sporting events; while many neighbors have long been opposed. Now that the school has officially submitted plans, the battle will be fought in city committees. Read more

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  • Edgewood High School has filed a federal religious discrimination lawsuit against Madison for not allowing it to hold sporting events at its athletic field.