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Residents of Madison’s historically underserved south side have big hopes for Madison College’s new Goodman South campus. Read more

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There are a lot of college rankings out these days. But one thing is clear: increasing public investment in our public’s universities would be in everyone’s best interest Read more

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David Michael Miller

Republican lawmakers are spinning their evisceration of Gov. Evers’ budget, talking about their “historic investment” in schools. They’re deliberately obscuring the facts. Read more

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Today student loan debt is the second leading form of consumer debt in the country, exceeding credit card and auto loan debt. Borrowers worked hard to get their education, but they are trapped in a system that treats them unfairly. Read more

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Many students in Madison lag behind their peers around the country in reading skills. Behind the scenes a pedagogical debate rages over how kids should be taught to read. Read more

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When we write off student debt it means that other taxpayers have to pay for the poor judgment of those who got themselves into this predicament. Read more

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David Michael Miller

School districts need stable, predictable budgets. It should be written into state law that revenue limits are indexed to inflation. Read more

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A lot people in Madison are wondering what the hell is happening in our schools. Even Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham has called it a “trying year.” Isthmus talked to nearly 30 teachers to find out what’s happening behind the scenes. Read more

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David Michael Miller

From 2007 to 2017 the average debt of Wisconsin’s college graduates increased nearly 50 percent. And more than half — 64 percent — of Wisconsin’s students left with debt. Read more

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Narayan Mahon

Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham is expected to announce her resignation at a May 8 news conference. Read more

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

A family rushed to Leopold Elementary on March 15 believing their fifth grader had been struck by the principal. They threatened to beat the principal’s “white ass,” but video surveillance showed the student fabricated the incident. Read more

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Haidee Chu

Madison high school students shared stories about how they fear the world is changing in protest for action on climate change at the Capitol. Read more


Six candidates believe they have the experience and vision to help Madison schools grapple with racism, behavioral issues, the achievement gap and move. Isthmus talked to the candidates to find out why they’re running and what they want to achieve. Read more

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Haidee Chu

A coalition of Madison-area high school students is tired of waiting for adults to take needed action against climate change. These students plan to march next week to draw attention to the problem. Read more

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Dyslexia is the most common learning disability, but it remains misunderstood and often undiagnosed. Now a bipartisan legislative committee is urging the Legislature to give schools the tools to deal with it. Read more

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East High students dig into lessons from World War I, with lectures on the Middle East, Putin’s rise and white supremacy. Read more



Eliot Wyatt

Education is a key issue in the Wisconsin governor’s race. Gov. Scott Walker says Supt. Tony Evers will put “union bosses” back in charge and raise taxes. Evers says schools have suffered under Walker and voters are ready for change. Read more

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Source: Wis. Dept. of Public Instruction

The Madison Metropolitan School District has been touting an increase in high school graduation rates for minority students. But are these students graduating with basic academic skills? Read more

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Koinadugu District is one of the poorest areas in one of the world’s poorest countries, Sierra Leone. But it is on the verge of getting a college, thanks to the far reach of the Wisconsin Idea. Read more



Jenny Peek

Sherman Middle School ended last year in turmoil, with the resignation of its principal and accusations of racism. An interim principal is trying to heal the wounds, but mistrust and skepticism remain. Read more

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