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Avé Thorpe documented her dreams with crumpled pictures from magazines. Emily Auerbach had a vision to use poetry, books and philosophy to help people lead meaningful lives. They found each other and more through the Odyssey Project. Read more

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David Michael Miller

With terror attacks at entertainment venues increasingly in the news, local clubs and theaters ponder: What’s the right amount of security? Read more



David Michael Miller

A new Wisconsin law restricts the ways that people are allowed to register to vote and eliminates a volunteer program that assisted in voter registration. Critics fear the law disenfranchises many voters. Read more

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Elisa Wiseman

Despite a strict voter ID requirement now in effect, turnout was high at UW-Madison polling locations, with no long lines. Most students, though, were not enthusiastic about their choices. Read more



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After racist incident at Badgers football game, community leaders call for zero tolerance. Read more

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Michael Kienitz

Matthew Desmond, author of the year’s Go Big Read book “Evicted,” wants everyone to face poverty — and to hate it. Read more



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In most cities, the “same 10 people” show up to every local government meeting. The Madison start-up, Polco, is trying to revolutionize public participation by creating an easier way to give constituents a voice on local issues. Read more


Police work can be both boring and terrifying, two aspects that create chronic stress. In a planned study, the Wisconsin Center for Healthy Minds will look at whether yoga, meditation and other mindfulness practices can help officers. Read more

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Elisa Wiseman

An east-side neighborhood meeting called to discuss issues of poverty and crime brought up much more commonplace matters like littering, panhandling and speeding. The divide underscored a difference in perception about the issues facing Madison. Read more

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In June, A Room of One’s Own announced the shop is for sale. Since then, many people have suggested another option: a community of people who could own the shop collectively, as a co-op. The store will host a Sept. 20 meeting on the idea. Read more


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    Elisa Wiseman

    Waiting times at Gordon Commons and other student polling locations were relatively short on Election Day.

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    Elisa Wiseman/Camp Randall press

    Kaleem Caire and Caliph Muab’El (left to right, in photo on right) address the racist costume worn at the Badgers Oct. 29 game.

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    Elisa Wiseman

    Ald. Samba Baldeh hosts a neighborhood meeting on the east side to address crime and poverty.

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    Elisa Wiseman

    Ald. Samba Baldeh hosts a neighborhood meeting on the east side to talk about issues facing his district.