Epic Systems Corporation is a privately held healthcare software company headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin, a suburb of Madison, in Dane County. Hospitals that use its software hold medical records of of patients in the U.S. and worldwide.

An expert at all things related to a certain boy wizard, scenic designer Pamela Price sets up shop in Verona, in close proximity to Epic Systems. Her company, F5 Theming, recently unveiled a whimsical new addition to the Epic campus. Read more

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In May, the Supreme Court rejected a class action suit brought by Epic workers, effectively limiting the collective bargaining rights of 60 million workers. But the case — now back in district court — is far from dead. Read more



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Ella’s Deli closed in January. It has still not found a buyer but its carousel has. Epic, the medical software giant, purchased it for an undisclosed amount. Read more



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The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled in Epic Systems’ favor, upholding arbitration policies that forbid employees from banding together in class-action lawsuits. The ruling makes it clear that Epic workers need to organize. Read more

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Madison chef Eric Rupert will soon open a confectionary on Atwood Avenue devoted to NutKrack, a sweet treat he perfected thanks to a happy accident. It’s the latest venture in Rupert’s long and winding culinary career. Read more



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The SmartForm is meant to walk clinicians through getting information on sexual orientation and gender identity from patients. If the gender identity doesn’t match the sex on file, that’s when “the form gets smart,” with follow-up questions. Read more


Madison has its own version of San Francisco’s Google bus. Unlike Silicon Valley, though, Epic relies on public transit to ferry workers. Madison Metro is struggling to keep pace with demand. Read more



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Dane County's fledgling health IT industry has dodged a bullet, but more may be headed its way. The usual Epic paradox was at work: The Verona-based worldwide leader in electronic health records looms over Dane County as both creator/nurturer and som Read more


What do you do after you've won the gold rush? When you've claimed the richest veins of ore? That's the big question for Epic Systems, the medical software giant that has become Dane County's signature company with 8,000 or so employees at its fairyl Read more


This is a problem. The state's most powerful business voice has conspicuously little contact with Wisconsin's rising technology industry. Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, which claims more than 3,500 businesses as members, brags that "the success Read more

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Epic Systems hired roughly 500 employees last week, and another 300 are expected to come on board this week, according to Drew Beck, the planning and scheduling manager for Metro Transit. Many of Epic's employees choose to live in Madison's downtown Read more


As reported last week by "Bloomberg", healthcare IT giant and local business Epic Systems is teaming with IBM to compete for an $11 billion Pentagon contract. The project would use Epic's software and IBM's hardware. Read more


Is Madison building a hotel for Monona Terrace or Epic Systems? That question was raised during Tuesday night's long Common Council debate over the controversial Judge Doyle Square project. Read more



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"Epic will be our equivalent of Microsoft in Seattle, of Dell computers in Austin," predicts Mark Bakken, founder of Epic-focused Nordic Consulting. This is a familiar comparison for Epic watchers in Madison. But others are more cautious. Read more

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How far can Dane County ride the success of Epic Systems? Marc Eisen will answer that question in the Feb. 20, 2014 edition of "Isthmus", in a cover story titled "Epic opportunity." Read more

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I feel a bit like a party-crasher, infringing on a trip to a sacred place that has no significance to me. The feeling doesn't last long. Participants tell me how happy they are that I've joined them. Ask us anything, they say. No question's too dumb. Read more

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In "Epic Tale" in the June 20 issue, Marc Eisen reports on the astonishing success of Epic Systems, the electronic medical records giant located in Verona, and its enigmatic founder and boss, Judy Faulkner, "the prime mover behind Epic." Read more

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In the mid-1990s, the Common Council's finance committee met behind closed doors to consider the city's economic offer to keep the expanding medical software company Epic Systems in Madison. "The emphasis was on following our [subsidy] rules and prac Read more


Epic Systems issued a new statement on Friday in its feud with Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, stressing the bipartisan nature of its executives deciding to avoid doing business with firms that support the big-business group. "Our decision-making Read more


The unabashed liberal sensibility of Epic System's Judy Faulkner became even more pronounced this week as her fast-growing software company -- normally a publicity-shy operation -- issued a public condemnation of Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. B Read more