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Jeff Miller/UW Communications

As Steve Carpenter, one of the world’s most respected ecological thinkers, retires from the UW Center for Limnology, he sounds a warning for Lake Mendota. Read more

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I've noticed more and more bare-headed Madison bikers. I can't prove it -- more on that later -- but I've lived directly on or within sight of some of Madison's most traveled bike paths and suddenly it seems like helmets are in decline. Read more



Tom Nick Cocotos

The operations center for the Madison Water Utility doesn't exactly have a panic-room vibe. Large windows overlook the lawn and trees of the Alliant Energy Center. There are more than a dozen monitors showing security feeds, chemical levels, truck locations and key-card swipes. Two idle screens feature -- really -- cat pictures. But the four monitors that track the heart of the operation were blinking an urgent green last summer as the hot drought of 2012 stretched on. Read more


This article originally appeared in "Isthmus" on Aug. 16, 1991. Read more

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