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I first became aware of Marsh Shapiro -- the Madison TV personality and restaurateur who died on Wednesday, Dec. 26 at 74 -- in junior high school. We lived a few blocks from each other, me on the hill above the Catholic cemetery seven blocks west of West High and Marsh a couple of blocks further down toward University Avenue. more


It is Thursday night at the Blackhawk Country Club. The staid little Village of Shorewood Hills lies still and cold 'neath the pale light of a wintry Wisconsin moon, and in a posh and spacious room overlooking the snow-capped fairways and the sprawling west side, the Madison Press Corps is bellied up to the bar. more

Isthmus 35

This article originally appeared in "Isthmus" on April 10, 1981 more

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This article, by "Isthmus" co-founder Fred Milverstedt, originally appeared in "Isthmus" on November 20, 2002. The 2003 Madison mayoral race was just getting started and Paul Soglin was part of a crowded primary race that included incumbent Sue Bauman, perpetual gadfly Eugene Parks, legendary blues guitarist Jim Schwall, east side activist Bert Zipperer and political neophyte Dave Cieslewicz. more

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Longtime Madison television anchor Tedd O'Connell died Monday at his home in Green Bay. The following story, appearing in the "Mixed Signals" department, was printed in the February 3, 1989, issue of Isthmus. more

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