Freedom from Religion Foundation

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is an American non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin with members from all 50 states. The largest national organization advocating for non-theists, FFRF promotes the separation of church and state and educates the public on matters relating to atheismagnosticism, and nontheism. The FFRF publishes a newspaper, Freethought Today. Since 2006, the Foundation has produced the Freethought Radio show.


Timothy Hughes

​According to recent polls, nonbelievers make up almost a quarter of the population. The Freedom From Religion Foundation wants politicians to keep them in mind. Read more



Brent Nicastro

In 2005, Isthmus interviewed Anne Nicol Gaylor, who passed away this week, about her work helping low-income women access abortion and healthcare. Read more



Tony Win

The folks who lead the Freedom From Religion Foundation are used to drawing heat. In a move opposed by liberal and conservative religious leaders alike, the Madison-based group challenged a federal law that gives clergy tax-free housing allowances. U Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has filed yet another federal lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service. The Madison-based group that advocates for the separation of church and state charges that the IRS gives preferential treatment to church Read more


The Freedom From Religion Foundation gained 100 new members within 24 hours of announcing it was suing the Internal Revenue Service for failing to enforce electioneering restrictions on tax-exempt churches, says co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor. The Read more


On the heels of a presidential election in which hundreds of preachers publicly promised to flout Internal Revenue Service rules by endorsing candidates from the pulpit, the Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation filed suit against the IRS fo Read more


The holiday wars continue in the Capitol Rotunda. The conservative group Wisconsin Family Action put up a nativity scene and the Freedom From Religion Foundation responded by applying for a permit to put up their own "solstice scene" with "prominent Read more

Citizen Dave

The Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation is unveiling a bold new ad campaign that borrows an idea popularized by other movements. "Out of the closet" ads just went up on 13 city of Madison buses and will premier next week on billboards here Read more