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A new generation of game consoles beckons, but there was much to appreciate in 2019. Read more


Nichelle Nichols, who played Lt. Uhura on the original “Star Trek” TV show, will be in town this weekend for Wizard World Madison. Aaron Conklin chats with the groundbreaking performer about space travel and why she loves interacting with fans. Read more

TV & Video

Kratos dropping motivational dad-nuggets? It’s an immersive and moving new world in the new/reimagined “God of War” for PlayStation 4, writes Isthmus videogame critic Aaron R. Conklin. Read more


Isthmus games scribe Aaron Conklin looks back at his seven favorite videogames from the past year. Read more


The Madison office of Bluehole is reportedly an integral part of the company’s five-year plan to expand. One other local gaming company feels reassured that a foreign company saw “the potential in Madison as a strong game-development hub.” Read more



Joel Hansen

Madison has the longest-running public tournament in the United States dedicated to “Tecmo Super Bowl,” an ancient video football game for the original Nintendo. And it lives on. Read more


Pegasus Games, the oldest dedicated tabletop gaming store in Wisconsin, turns 35 at the end of this month. In celebration, there will be cake, limited-edition T-shirts and, of course, gaming the weekend of Aug. 29-30. Read more



Alexei Vella

Games developers say with collaboration and critical mass they can compete with the coasts Read more

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A Dane County judge rules that poker is as American as “baseball and apple pie,” but also illegal. Read more



Joe Giron/PokerNews

Is poker a game of chance or skill? Seth Jovaag runs down the odds with WORT-FM producer Dylan Brogan. Listen to the interview. Read more



Seth Jovaag

Local poker players will have one less place to play next month, as Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison has signaled it will close its electronic poker room. Posters seen Thursday night at the far east side casino, formerly known as the Dejope Bingo Hall, say th Read more


"Isthmus" contributor Seth Jovaag reported the clandestine poker scene in Madison and what its proponents are doing to seek legitimacy in the August 14 issue, and discussed his story with WORT producer Dylan Brogan. Read more


Bellied up to a table in Players Sports Bar, the east-side tavern he's owned for a quarter-century, Mark Kroon adjusts his cap and points a thumb over his shoulder to a corner of the room. "We used to play right back here," he says. "This was about t Read more


The murder of his son seven years ago has turned Robert McGuigan into an activist against compulsive gambling. As he puts it, "If I can save just one family from having to go through what I've been through, my work will be worth it." Read more


'Jane,' a Madison-area resident, found out the hard way that gambling in Wisconsin is a losing proposition, even when you win. A heavy-duty gambler, Jane pocketed $253,680 in casino winnings in 2006, according to casino W2G forms (issued for every wi Read more