Haidee Chu


Latasia Dhami

She’s not in Kansas anymore. Jenie Gao has become one of Madison’s most well-known printmakers and muralists. Read more

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

As developers eye Park Street corridor, residents worry that their neighborhood will become a food desert. Read more



Brian Douglas

With homelessness on the rise, “The Public” examines the role of libraries in providing shelter for patrons amid a housing crisis. But will the movie reach the people it is meant to move? Read more

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Chelsey Dequaine

Racism, mass transit, the public market and temperament were all debated at Isthmus’ mayoral debate. Read more

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News-Climate-Rally-crHaideeChu-03152019 640x480 5.jpg

Haidee Chu

Madison high school students shared stories about how they fear the world is changing in protest for action on climate change at the Capitol. Read more



Haidee Chu

A coalition of Madison-area high school students is tired of waiting for adults to take needed action against climate change. These students plan to march next week to draw attention to the problem. Read more

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The Madison Public Market, expected to open in 2021, is a chance to work toward equity by helping people create viable businesses. Read more


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    Haidee Chu

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    Haidee Chu

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    Haidee Chu

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    Haidee Chu

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    Haidee Chu

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    Haidee Chu