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One of the organizations affected by Gov. Scott Walker’s Act 10 was the nurses’ union at UW Health. Since then, nurses say that they’re now overworked and patient care is suffering. So they’re forming a new union. Read more

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Andy Moore

ABC for Health — the “ABC” stands for “Advocacy and Benefits Counseling — marks its 25th anniversary. The organization helps families obtain, maintain, and finance health care coverage and services. Read more


Direct primary care is a new model for health care. Patients pay a monthly fee for unlimited doctor visits. So go ahead and get sick! Read more

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To only allow only religion-based exemptions for required school vaccinations is antithetical to American values, if not outright unconstitutional. Read more

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David Michael Miller

According to the latest poll, 70 percent of Wisconsin residents want the state to take federal money to expand Medicaid eligibility. But the Assembly speaker is going to “lead” in a different direction. Read more

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Medicaid expansion would make people healthier across all 72 of Wisconsin counties. In states that have accepted the expansion, more low-income adults had their cancer detected early. Read more



Shaysa Sidebottom

Legal protections for transgender people is the next step in the fight for LGBTQ rights. Wisconsin’s antidiscrimination law still doesn’t cover gender identity. Advocates are optimistic about progress, but the Trump administration is an obstacle. Read more

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Jeff Miller/UW-Madison

Although UW-Madison spends more than $1 billion on research a year, many complain that bureaucracy is hampering research. However, the med school is striving to stay true to The Wisconsin Idea, by bringing its research to the people. Read more

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The Waisman Center

UW Communications

A simple blood test might help diagnose autism in children as young as 18 months. But why did UW-Madison's Waisman Center, internationally known for its studies of developmental disabilities and neurodegenerative diseases, choose not to participate? Read more

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David Michael Miller

Some 100,000 American are waiting for a new kidney at any given time. Ten to 20 die each day while waiting Read more



Wren Logan

Updated: On Wednesday, the state Group Insurance Board voted to end a blanket ban on providing coverage for gender-affirming health care for transgender state employees. Read more



David Michael Miller

Fatal opioid overdoses are on the rise in Dane County. It’s time to legalize cannabis and opioid use and treat drug abuse as the public health problem it is. Read more

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James Heimer

For decades, Dane County has been a model for services for the elderly and those with disabilities. Now the state is forcing the county to join Family Care. Many who have relied on the old system feel betrayed — and worry about what’s to come. Read more

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After Dan Levitis and his wife had two devastating miscarriages, he wondered how human reproduction, a process with such a high error rate, has persisted. He also wondered whether the high percentage of failures was limited to humans. Read more



Allison Geyer

Activists occupied U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s office for more than eight hours on July 6 as part of a nationwide protest of the GOP health care bill. Read more

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Democrats have introduced a bill that would allow all Wisconsin residents the chance to purchase BadgerCare. This pragmatic, realistic proposal shows that the minority party is ready to govern again. Read more


The Republican-controlled Legislature shows little interest in allowing medical marijuana. But that hasn’t stopped advocates from pushing for reform. Read more



David Michael Miller

The governor’s budget gives school districts a $200-per-student boost in funding, but there’s a catch. To get the money, district employees must pay 12 percent of their health insurance premiums. Read more



David Michael Miller

As if the health care system weren’t confusing enough as is, the uncertainty about what will happen to Obamacare is enough to drive anyone mad. Despite daily changes on efforts to repeal and replace the plan, we try to give some perspective. Read more

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Quincy Bioscience has made a fortune on its brain enhancement supplement, Prevagen. Now, the FDA and New York State claim it’s defrauded customers of millions by making bogus claims. Will the company survive the lawsuit? Read more