Heather DuBois Bourenane


Office of the Governor Scott Walker

Ever since the recall election, the media has worked to paint a curious portrait of you as some kind of "moderate," stressing always your someday-hopes of a bid at the presidency -- assuming all that John Doe stuff goes away. Just this week, "USA Today" even found a UW-La Crosse professor to say that you've "been moving toward the middle and sounding more conciliatory." On the eve of your budget address, I'm writing to say we can see right through these phony new clothes. Read more


Dear Scott Walker, this morning, I sent my kids back to school, now in the second (and more damaging) year of having to deal with the cuts that have weeded out some of their finest teachers and laid bare budgets that already had no wiggle room. The cuts have forced many schools to drop essential programming and increased class size. At the beginning of a new school year, I am disturbed by your response to recent announcements. Read more



Matt Mignanelli

It's easy to write off Sun Prairie as a sleepy town of little consequence. It's got a Main Street right out of "The Andy Griffith Show". Its communities, dotted with neighborhood schools and more parks than seems fair, are homey and welcoming. People are friendly and happy. And its annual corn festival, which starts on Aug. 16, promises to once again be a wholesome family affair where thousands converge for fresh sweet corn dripping with butter. Read more


Dear Scott Walker, I wasn't expecting much from your State of the State address, and you didn't disappoint. I expected the same old lies, and you delivered. Our schools are broken, never mind that we were at the top of the pack in more categories than we can count before you took office. Our teachers are inept, undeserving moochers who need to be penalized instead of protected -- but hey, you couldn't respect them more! Read more


Dear Scott Walker, thanks for the E-update and the confirmation that you do acknowledge I exist! While I know your note went out to everyone who "contacted Governor Walker's office directly at some point during 2011," I accept it as the long-awaited recognition that you do, indeed, have my email address. It's a start! Read more



NBC News

Given your familiarity with Walker's attacks on educators and other public servants, you must be aware of his equally devastating attacks on public education itself in Wisconsin. But the fact that he has been invited to participate in this summit, and the eagerness with which he has already begun to reveal the lies he plans to further espouse on your show, compel me to provide you with a list of the many ways in which Walker has waged war on public education in Wisconsin. Read more