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David Michael Miller

Outraged by comments from Bill Clinton, liberal Democrats are coming to the defense of Monica Lewinsky, but not Paula Jones or Juanita Broaddrick. It’s a symptom of what’s wrong with the party. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Anger is energizing; Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate; Democrats should advance their most boring candidate to run against Walker in November. Read more

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Justin Sprecher

Hundreds rally at state Capitol, take time from work and school for Madison’s “Day Without a Woman” demonstration. Read more


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Thomas DeVillers

Local supporters of Hillary Clinton went into Tuesday’s election full of hope that they might help elect America’s first woman president. They ended the night in despair as Donald Trump pulled off a stunning upset victory. Read more



Dylan Brogan

Russ Feingold supporters thought they had victory in the bag. Then along came Trump. Read more



Elisa Wiseman

Despite a strict voter ID requirement now in effect, turnout was high at UW-Madison polling locations, with no long lines. Most students, though, were not enthusiastic about their choices. Read more



Joeff Davis

No matter how you slice it, the success of Donald Trump means that a sizable portion of United States citizens feel ignored and left behind. Our leaders need to deal with that. Read more

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David Michael Miller

President Barack Obama has disappointed many by running a tightly controlled administration that is often closed to the press. Journalists expect the same or worse from Hillary Clinton, who is on track to win the presidency. Read more

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Allison Geyer

In Madison, voters love Bernie Sanders. And some still wish he could be president. Now that he’s asking his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton, will they listen? Read more



David Michael Miller

Youthful idealists helped give the United States presidents Nixon, Reagan and Bush. While Citizen Dave loves much about young idealists, he frets they may now help give us President Trump. Read more

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Should I risk friendships by speaking out loudly for Clinton? Read more

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Joeff Davis

Although Bernie Sanders won the Wisconsin primary by 13 points, the state’s delegates were split almost evenly at the DNC this week. The process has left Bernie fans feeling burned. Read more


Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders built their campaigns around the aggrieved. Contrast that with Barack Obama, who downplayed identity politics when running for president in 2008. Read more

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I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Wisconsin primary, and I’ve been highly critical of Hillary Clinton. But it’s time for Bernie to step aside. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Hillary Clinton has extremely low popularity ratings, yet Democrats seem resigned to making her their nominee. But Citizen Dave argues there are some very good reasons to dump her and find someone better for the country. Read more

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David Michael Miller

A Donald Trump presidency could threaten our country and the Republican party. Those Republican leaders who seek to appease Trump are hurtling our party toward its ruin. Read more



David Michael Miller

Bernie Sanders has said out loud what timid Democratic insiders and consultants have refused to say. He’s taken the muzzle off of proud liberalism. From here on out Democratic primary voters will demand a more full-throated liberal vision. Read more

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David Michael Miller

The presumptive Republican nominee for president has tapped into the frustration felt by blue-collar workers in a way elites in both major parties have failed to do. Read more

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Chris Collins

Bernie Sanders pulled off a crucial win in the Wisconsin primary April 5. And he did it without the support of most Democratic state elected officials. Read more

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The race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton has made both candidates stronger and made them each focus on potential blind spots in traditional Democratic campaigns. They are showing state-level Democrats what a successful campaign looks like. Read more

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