East High students dig into lessons from World War I, with lectures on the Middle East, Putin’s rise and white supremacy. more



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The ‘60s in Madison have been well documented, but a new book by Stuart Levitan digs up new treasures that amuse, enlighten and shock. more


The first Art Fair on the Square was held in 1959. There was no food, no entertainment, no tents. Just art. more

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The Ku Klux Klan had a presence at UW-Madison in the 1920s, and the university is in the midst of reckoning with its racist history — both the lingering climate of intolerance and the physical spaces named for KKK members. more

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Otis Redding was on the cusp of superstardom when his private plane plunged into the icy waters of Lake Monona. He was just 26 when he died. Fifty years later, his music endures — as do questions about the crash. more

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Where did Monona come from? The town of Blooming Grove, of course. It was also once a center for bootlegging and prostitution. more

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Wisconsin’s historic preservation tax credit has done more than breathe life into old buildings, its fans argue. It’s also helped create jobs and revitalize rural towns. Will reducing the credit eliminate one of the most effective tax cuts? more

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Madison once boasted a thriving live entertainment scene with a number of ornate, downtown theaters. Jay Rath explores our architectural and entertainment history. more

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​As UW-Madison celebrates 100 years of offering Yiddish instruction, campus scholars and musicians are gearing up for “Out of the Shadows: Rediscovering Jewish Music, Literature and Theater,” May 1-5. more

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The menu collection at the Wisconsin Historical Society is an important piece of social history. We truly are what we...ate. more



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So long to a building — and an era. St. Paul’s, the concrete beacon at the foot of State Street, has an appointment with the wrecking ball. more

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No Madison neighborhood ever shone more brightly than Mansion Hill in the 1890s. The neighborhood contained more political power and intellectual influence than any other neighborhood in the state. more

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​Author Kathleen Ernst spent a decade as a curator at Old World Wisconsin. Her new book, “A Settler’s Year: Pioneer Life Through the Seasons,” is filled with vivid descriptions and evocative photos from the outdoor history museum. more


New Orpheum sign replaces two predecessors, but mysteries about original remain. more



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​From 1923 to 1988, generations of tourists enjoyed presentations of authentic song and dance presented by the area’s first residents, the Ho-Chunk people. “Stand Rock Indian Ceremonial Reawakened” revives that tradition for a single performance. more

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Joe Rocco

A pending merger of Oscar Mayer’s parent company, Kraft Foods, with H.J. Heinz Co., could spell the end of the local company, Jay Rath reported in Isthmus. He spoke to WORT-FM producer Dylan Brogan about his story. more



Joe Rocco

Oscar Mayer has been a Madison institution for almost a century and remains Dane County’s largest manufacturer. But the company’s days may be numbered as Kraft prepares to merge with Heinz. Jay Rath reports on the impact the company has had here. more

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Madison is rich with treasures, including 100 structures on the National Register of Historic Places. But five local historic districts include much of the city’s most valuable land, leading to recurring battles over development. more

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Documenting your family can be a lot of fun and, thanks to the Internet, easier than ever. But it remains a challenge to many. "Because of the disrespect that record keepers had at different periods toward African Americans, they weren't fully docume more

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If the number of construction crews in town is any indication, Madison is finally figuring out what it wants to be -- or at least how it wants to look -- in the 21st century. Sometimes change is excruciating, and other times we only notice it in retr more

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