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Wisconsin is famous for many things -- most notably beer, cheese curds and the Green Bay Packers -- but what makes the state's more than 1,200 individual towns special? Josh Cox and Doua Vue are exploring just that question. They are the team behind Project Wisconsin, a blog dedicated to branding one Wisconsin town for each day of 2012. more

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It's an unseasonably warm Monday night, and nine women are gathered in a small living room on Madison's south side. They chat in Spanish, both with each other and their children, while water and snacks sit on the coffee table. Laughter fills the room as the kids energetically run around the house, largely ignoring their mothers. more



Holly Whittlef

When Juan Gonzalez left Puebla, Mexico, in 2004 for "una aventura" -- an adventure -- he made sure to bring one very important thing to his new home in Wisconsin: papalo. A staple in Mexican cooking, papalo is a distinctive, strong herb and now a weekly summer feature at Gonzalez's Los Abuelos Farley Farm market stand. more


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