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Green thumbs are made, not born. Kate Holl of Wildewood, a new plant shop, will help your houseplants thrive. Read more



Jennifer Falkowski

Shibori lessons introduce dyers to the ancient Japanese technique. Artist Jennifer Falkowski uses traditional indigo dyes with the process. Read more

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Cabinet City offers a new approach to remodeling. Focusing on one line of mostly non-custom cabinets keeps prices lower. Read more



Benjamin Zastrow

The Alternate Parade of Homes highlights a 1940s-era laborer’s neighborhood. The homes in Eken Park went up fast, but they’ve endured through the years. Read more

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Beth Skogen

Madison accessories designer Bethany Nelson brings her love of simplicity and eclectic finds to her 1941 home. It all starts at her bright yellow front door. Read more

Isthmus Abode

Thinking about starting a garden in your terrace this year? Here are the tricky details. Read more

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Beth Skogen

Beth Skogen’s bungalow is a cozy reason to throw a party. The Madison photographer brought sentiment and a touch of whimsy to decorating, right up to and including her alley garage. Read more

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LED Habitats are next-generation super grow lights. They’re also attractive and eco-friendly. Read more



Greg Dixon

Peaches, pears and chestnuts are great edible landscaping. Emily Steinwehe of Emily Plants helps Madison residents transform their yards. Read more



Carolyn Fath

Have you seen the new rock garden on Baldwin Street? It’s actually a crevice garden created by homeowner Ryan Henke. Read more



Todd Hubler

Ten local gardeners tell what seeds they love to plant. From radishes to jicama, these growers need no coaxing. Read more

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Todd Hubler

Fresh fruit in the yard isn’t just for Californians. Apples and pears thrive here; mostly what gardeners need is a little patience. Read more

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Tracy Walsh

Gardening renaissance man Joel Karsten is invited around the world to share his technique of growing food out of ordinary straw bales. Read more

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With these long-handled pruning shears, you take down overbearing large plants to open up views for humans and provide sunlight for smaller plants. Lopping is an act of liberation. Read more

Citizen Dave

Mazomanie furniture maker Fabian Fischer makes pieces the old-fashioned way: using hand tools and traditional methods. Read more



Joe Rocco

I am a rummage sale snob. I’ve been combing through people’s junk as long as I can remember, but I won’t stop and shop just anywhere. Here are a few rules that I’ve come up with to make (or find) a rummage sale worth stopping for. Read more



Linda Falkenstein

Anyone can “check out” packets of seeds, and yes, they have barcodes — just like a book. The program not only encourages people to experiment with growing their own food, it underlines the importance of saving seeds. Read more



Shelby Deering

Less than a year ago, Mark Raszewski took over Deconstruction Inc., the previously “by appointment only” architectural salvage business. He started regular hours at the warehouse this spring. Read more



Norland Landscape

Burn, baby burn! People are talking themselves into fire pits these days, with help from landscapers, or going DIY. Read more

Isthmus Abode

Design an herb garden, learn about aquaponics, take a garden stroll with Dr. Death to observe common plant diseases, grow and can your own food, attend a homebuyer's seminar... So many things to do! Read more

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