Human Head Studios

The storytelling is a big part of Madison-based Human Head Studios’ newest title “Lost Within,” available on iOS and Amazon Fire. “We built this for gamers who want a deeper narrative,” says project lead Chris Rhinehart. more


Any seasoned gamer who's dodged missiles and firestorms in a multiplayer deathmatch knows there's a time when it's best to crouch behind cover for a few seconds, honing a careful strategy rather than charging in with CRB Vector-submachine guns blazin more


Randy Redetzke admits he has a dream job. As art director for Human Head Studios in Madison, he develops the characters and environments for videogames like "Prey" and "Prey 2" for the Xbox, working with concept artists to guide the overall vision. H more


Hard to imagine many people taking pride in being called a wimp. Competing to be the top wimp sounds even more counterintuitive. Giovanni Pasteris is not many people. Standing a couple inches shy of six feet and tipping the scales in the neighborhood more

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The cryptic and catchy name of Madison-based Human Head Studios refers to a joke about a missing bag packed with human craniums. You might have thought the east-side software development company was also missing. It was way back in 2006 when fans pac more