David Michael Miller

In the early 1960s, Madison destroyed much of the Greenbush neighborhood, dislocating 1,150 people. Now the city is eyeing redevelopment of the so-called Triangle. Will it get it right this time? Read more

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When immigrants are released from detention centers to await their appearance in court, they often have nothing. Sarah Frank traveled to the border with much-needed supplies. Read more


Lights for Liberty protest

Holly Henschen

On Friday, Madisonians protested both the conditions in facilities where asylum seekers are being held and a national raid on undocumented immigrants set to begin on Sunday. The protest coincided with dozens around the country. Read more


As chair of the Senate’s Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, Ron Johnson has a lot of power. He should use it to help desperate families who are crossing the border. Read more

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Kori Feener

An estimated 10,000 people rallied at the Capitol in support of budget proposals from Gov. Tony Evers: granting driver’s licenses to non-citizens and providing in-state tuition to undocumented students who graduate from Wisconsin high schools. Read more


Over the last couple of decades Midwestern dairy farmers and the Mexican workers who endure danger and hardship to come north and milk their cows have developed a deep, interdependent relationship. Read more

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Jenny Peek

11.7 percent of Madison residents were born in another country, but their stories are often lost in the heated rhetoric over ICE raids and border walls. The multimedia project, Green Card Voices, aims to humanize their experiences. Read more



Joe Tarr

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 83 immigrants in Wisconsin during a four-day “enforcement surge.” Local leaders say the operation was a breach of normal protocol. And for Madison’s immigrant community, it was an act of terror. Read more

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"Los Lecheros,” a short documentary making the round of film festivals, explores the intertwined fates of Wisconsin’s farmers and undocumented dairy workers. Read more



David Michael Miller

U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan wants to abolish the federal immigration agency, ICE. He says it can’t be fixed. But Pocan’s proposal is a political misstep and lets the real culprit off the hook. Read more

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David Michael Miller

U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan traveled to the United States-Mexico border where he saw the facilities holding immigrants whose families have been torn apart by border agents. He is right to call for the abolition of ICE. Read more



Felicia Clark

On a scorching Saturday in Madison, a couple marries at the state Capitol. Around the bend, a rally protesting the Trump administration’s policy that has separated children from their parents was taking place. The irony was surreal. Read more


U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan says he never thought his opinion of President Donald Trump could be any lower. Then he toured the detention centers where immigrant children have been taken away from their parents and held in cages. Read more

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Samuel Lustgarten and Nika Ranjbar-Irani are getting married in Madison. Unfortunately, President Trump’s Muslim travel ban will keep some relatives from attending. Read more

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On April 13, a 67-year-old Cambodian refugee who fled the brutal Khmer Rouge regime more than 30 years ago was detained by immigration agents while grocery shopping in Monona. Read more


Madison is part of the Safe Cities Network, a group of 11 areas ramping up resources to help immigrants facing detention. Read more


Trump is finding it’s not so easy to build his promised wall. But there is one exception: it would be relatively straightforward to build a three-mile wall along a federally owned wildlife refuge. Read more


The process of signing up for DACA required participants to give out a lot of information about their families, who they now worry are at greater risk of deportation. Could decades of hard work by their parents be upended? Read more


Over the last 50 years, Madison’s Indian community has grown and thrived, but their contributions aren’t always noticed. A citizen coalition is throwing a party to celebrate this successful immigrant group. Read more