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Isthmus readers submitted photos on social media using #IsthmusCatIssue and we've compiled them here. Warning: Cuteness overload. Read more

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

Last year at Thanksgiving we put together a special issue celebrating Madison’s dogs, dog people, and dog culture. What happened was predictable, we suppose. The cats demanded equal time. And why shouldn’t they? Read more

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Jeri Casper | Advertising Assistant

Our people work at Isthmus. We never get to visit the office. But we are ready for our close-ups in the paper! Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

Here, kitty! Isthmus staff and freelancers share their favorite onscreen cat characters. Read more

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Anjee Sorge

Madison’s Cats On Leashes revives the sound of ’90s grunge and riot grrl music. Read more


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Margaret Johnson

With adoptions, foster homes, a barn cat program and low-cost spays and neuters, the Madison Cat Project is trying to keep more cats alive. Read more

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Kori Feener

People show off their house cats at a Sun Prairie Cat show. Read more


Mike and Corrine Carson of Paw Friendly Cat Furniture of Cross Plains are as close to cat tree gurus as possible. They’ve improved design and use mostly natural and locally sourced materials. Read more


Why did the cat cross East Wash? To check out the jokes in "Isthmus’" Cat Issue! Read more

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Catnip will bliss out most cats. And yes, it benefits from being fresh and local. Read more


Madison cat owners are required to follow the same leash laws as dog owners, and register their pets annually. According to city data, an overwhelming majority of Madison cats aren’t licensed. Are yours? Read more

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When a cat is declawed the vet removes more than the nail. It’s actually an amputation of the first joint of the finger. Read more

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Robin Shepard

“The Giving Brewery,” a charitable project from Octopi Brewing, benefits cats and other critters this season with its Bow Chicka Meow Meow! It’s a sweet stout with surprising anise kick. Read more