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Tommy Washbush

With workshops in graphic medicine and courses in comics, UW-Madison is becoming a hotbed for an art form that is growing in popularity. Jay Rath looks at the long history of cartooning in the city and state, and promising developments on campus. more

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Paulius Musteikis

Robyn Wiseman of the Madison Radicals leads the charge for equity in ultimate. Her level of involvement and leadership is crucial for the sport right now. more

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Laura Zastrow

Emmanuel Urey wants to one day be president of Liberia, helping to secure land rights for indigenous people and connect the county to its past. UW-Madison has played an integral role in his quest. more

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Photo courtesy of Ben Sidran

The Madison Reunion — a countercultural Chautauqua that includes former UW-Madison teachers and students — begins June 14. Isthmus talks to Ben and Judy Sidran, the couple that helped pull it all together. more

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David Michael Miller

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin says after 50 years in politics, his next act will be to take down Gov. Scott Walker. Is his quiet campaign crazy enough to work? more

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Jesse Brookstein

A behind-the-scenes look at the trials and tribulations of getting the doors open and the beer flowing at Working Draft Beer Company. Co-owner Ryan Browne tells his tale. more

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James Heimer

For decades, Dane County has been a model for services for the elderly and those with disabilities. Now the state is forcing the county to join Family Care. Many who have relied on the old system feel betrayed — and worry about what’s to come. more

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Judith Davidoff

Chuck Henrikson is an avid birder. He’s also a citizen scientist, reporting all of the birds he sees and hears to an international database. It’s one of the many ways citizen science happens at the UW Arboretum. more

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Jeff Miller-UW Madison

Once a farm, almost a subdivision, the UW Arboretum has never been static. more

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Jeff Miller-UW Madison

The Arboretum isn’t just a natural treasure in the middle of our city. It’s also the “drain” for some 500 million gallons of the city’s stormwater each year. more

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Thousands of Dane County residents have struggled with addiction from opioids. Dane County has also struggled to cover the costs of dealing with the epidemic. Now the county is joining a national effort to get Big Pharma to help pay for the fallout. more

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Cyndy Patrick

The Wisconsin Master Naturalist program trains volunteers to study and celebrate our state resources. But the most important qualities may be a sense of curiosity — and wonder. more

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Andrew Beckett

Adults build with LEGO, not play. Although adults use the exact same bricks that children do, the adult creations are investments, long-term constructions, display pieces placed on shelves beyond the reach of a child’s clumsy hands. more

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In the state Supreme Court race, Michael Screnock has branded his opponent, Rebecca Dallet, as “a liberal activist judge” while claiming he is free of partisan, political or ideological intent. This is, in his case, an audacious falsehood. more

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Laura Zastrow

On shoestring budgets and often working solo, DIY pioneer Wendy Schneider has run a video production and recording studio, released two full-length documentaries and retired one rock band and launched another. more

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Officer Stephen Heimsness harassed a female officer a month before he fatally shot Paul Heenan. Madison Police launched an investigation but initially, only Heimsness’ victim was scrutinized. more

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Between 2005 and 2016, $5.14 billion worth of electric transmission line projects were built or approved in Wisconsin. Opponents say the lines are not needed, are too expensive, and there’s a better way. more

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For years, news outlets have been trying to use Facebook to drive readers to their websites. But with fake news hoaxes running rampant, Facebook says it’s now de-emphasizing news stories. Will newspapers survive the breakup? more

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Todd Hubler

The rise of local distilleries is hard to miss, across the east side of Madison — and statewide. While deregulation made it possible, it’s word of mouth that’s making the scene thrive. more

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Clasen's European Bakery

Madison’s chocolate scene is exploding right now. Where should you go for which kinds of chocolates? Our guide breaks it all down into digestible pieces. more

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