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Carolyn Fath Ashby

Joe Parisi has been running Dane County for close to a decade. He oversees an operating budget of $594 million, about 74 percent more than the city’s $341 million budget. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Visions Night Club on East Wash closed its doors on Jan. 1 and isn’t expected to reopen. Staff writer Dylan Brogan reports on the strip club’s very last night. Read more

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Brent Nicastro

This week’s coverage of Visions Night Club led to us discovering this gem from the archive. In 1982, Rob Clark covered the last of The Dangle, the oldest strip club in downtown Madison at the time. Read more


The science is crystal clear: PFAS are a threat to human health. But are city officials listening as they deal with contamination in Madison’s water supply? Read more

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Andrew Gibbs

As we begin a new decade, Madison’s creatives have big dreams for the future. We surveyed some movers and shakers, and found that their responses fell into several broad and significant categories. Read more

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It’s that time of year again — Isthmus unloads on deserving targets with this year’s Cheap Shots. Read more

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James Heimer

The Dane County District Attorney’s Office used to be a plum job for prosecutors in the state. But many judges, attorneys and others say the office is struggling under Ismael Ozanne. Turnover is high, cases are getting tossed and morale is low. Read more

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John December

Many Madisonians have long pined for a public market and a modern mass transit system. Meanwhile, roughly 80 miles away, Milwaukee has ticked both off of its to-do list. How did the city do it and what can Madison learn? Read more

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

Last year at Thanksgiving we put together a special issue celebrating Madison’s dogs, dog people, and dog culture. What happened was predictable, we suppose. The cats demanded equal time. And why shouldn’t they? Read more

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Here, kitty! Isthmus staff and freelancers share their favorite onscreen cat characters. Read more

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When a cat is declawed the vet removes more than the nail. It’s actually an amputation of the first joint of the finger. Read more

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Why did the cat cross East Wash? To check out the jokes in "Isthmus’" Cat Issue! Read more

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Sharing the stories of working people has defined the remarkable 50-year career of documentarian Julia Reichert. She’s at Cinematheque on Nov. 16 with “Seeing Red: Stories of American Communists.” Read more

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David Michael Miller

Isthmus reporter Dylan Brogan traveled to Burlington, VT to see how people are faring since the arrival of F-35 fighter jets at their Air National Guard base. Read more

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Philip Ashby

Madison was a great incubator for classic mid-century homes, including many Wright-influenced ranches. Once spurned, these homes are perfect for 21st century needs and ripe for renovations. Read more

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Mary Langenfeld

Wisconsin is one of 10 states in the country that does not require students to take a dedicated course in civics. Could that be part of the reason we have low interest in public service, decreasing media literacy and a growing partisan divide? Read more

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Although it may be haunted by the ghost of Joel Gersmann, Broom Street Theater has moved beyond the 1960s counterculture while still staying true to its roots. Read more

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Scott Feiner

In just two shows, Catherine Capellaro went from being a Joel Gersmann favorite to a spot on his blacklist. She shares her recollections of working with Joel alongside this week’s Isthmus cover story. Read more

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David Michael Millerchael Miller

Will e-bikes and electric scooters get more people out of their cars, reduce climate-changing pollution and make us all healthier? Or will they wreak chaos on city streets and overrun quiet recreational areas? Either way, change is coming. Read more

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

It might seem like a miracle today, but 30 years ago Democrats and Republicans came together to protect the Lower Wisconsin Riverway. Will politics ever again work so well? Read more

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