Isthmus Dining 2019


Chris Hynes

Don’t forget about dishes that may have fallen out of your rotation for reasons as trifling as “you moved.” These are worth checking out for the first time, too. Read more

Isthmus Dining


Laura Zastrow

Where Isthmus reviewers — and Madison — have been eating and drinking since the last “Dining” special section. Here’s our summary of the scene. Read more

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Macha Tea Company

Some Madison restaurants are doing a great job with their Instagrams. It’s about more than a pretty plate of food. Read more

Isthmus Dining


Amy Stocklein

Farm-to-table is more than just a concept in Madison. Multiple restaurants practice what they preach. A survey of our many eateries who showcase local farmers and their most special local dish. Read more

Isthmus Dining


Keni Rosales

These days, there’s no shortage of fried chicken sandwiches in Madison, and many are truly special. The classic soul food dish has gone mainstream. Read more

Isthmus Dining


Chiara Lanzieri

Feel the need for a getaway but you lack the time — and the money? Put your imagination to work and Madison’s restaurants can take you just about anywhere. Read more

Isthmus Dining