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Isthmus readers submitted photos on social media using #IsthmusDogIssue and we've compiled them here. Warning: Cuteness overload. Read more

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This week, when we are giving thanks to all that we're grateful for, we give a big shoutout to our loyal, four-legged friends who give and give and give. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

As part of our dog issue — on newsstands now — we hounded staff writer Dylan Brogan for a few Wisconsin-themed dog jokes. He Whippet-up some good pooch puns, too. Fur real. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories


Masarah Van Eyck

It’s never too late to train your old pup. The key is to build on already learned skills. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories


David Michael Miller

Compared to other cities, Madison is an outlier when it comes to banning dogs from parks. But the city’s parks system is becoming more dog-friendly — albeit slowly. Read more

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Jason Nolen

You already know Cats of Madison, the beloved Instagram account that documents the city’s fine feline residents. But did you know there’s a dog version? Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

There are a number of “best practices” to follow when you are adopting a dog, whether you are working with a breeder, a rescue or an animal shelter. Read more


We love dogs. And we love watching dogs — in real life and onscreen. Here are some of Isthmus’ favorite movies (and one TV episode) featuring canines and their humans. Read more

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Beth Skogen

Catherine Capellaro is living the dream: hanging out in a roomful of puppies at Puppy Yoga at the Puppy Den. Read more


Who knew pet registration forms could be so interesting? Take a deep dive into Madison’s dog demographic data. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

Catherine Capellaro talks to Aaron Backer, executive director of Wisconsin Academy for Graduate Service Dogs and his “demo dog,” Ian, about the importance of service dogs and the distinction between service and emotional support animals. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

Making homemade dog treats is fun, every so often. These feature wholesome ingredients for your canine companion — who will (let’s face it) eat moldy sweet potatoes out of the compost bin. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

Our people work at Isthmus. Some of us have fancy names, and others are in Madison’s “mutt majority.” But one thing’s for sure: We are good dogs! Read more

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