Isthmus Drinks 2019


Ilana Natasha

Distilling is John Mleziva’s fourth career. But the fourth time’s the charm considering the success of his State Line Distillery. Read more

Isthmus Drinks


Kiki Ljung

Do you know your Teku from your Willi Becher? There are many reasons to pair the correct glass with a beer style. Read more

Isthmus Drinks

Our favorite appetizers from 10 local beer bars and taphouses have mostly been on the menus for a while. But they continue to stand out from the crowd. Read more

Isthmus Drinks


Shutterjet / R. Jeanette Martin

Wisconsin is home to three AVAs — each defined by geographic and climatological features: Lake Wisconsin AVA, Upper Mississippi River Valley AVA, and Wisconsin Ledge AVA. They impart distinct characteristics to wines made with grapes grown there. Read more

Isthmus Drinks


Lion's Tail Brewing Co.

With the explosion of new craft breweries in the state, it’s easy to overlook some very fine beer. Here are six young breweries not to miss. Read more

Isthmus Drinks


Fermentation Fest 2019

Lots of food classes at Fermentation Fest, Cooking with Beer lesson at Delta Beer Lab, and Cheesemaking 101 at Pasture and Plenty, this week in events alive with culture. Read more