Isthmus Giving 2019

A lot of folks have some form of musical expression in them, just waiting for an open channel. Here are some ideas of gifts for wannabe musicians and music lovers. Read more

Isthmus Giving


Community Pharmacy

What to get for that person who is having a rough time of it? Keep it simple and don’t get stressed yourself. Read more

Isthmus Giving


Rad Bag

The holidays may not seem the best time to bring up climate change. But with these gifts you can encourage your loved ones to seek out alternative modes of transportation, and enjoy them, too. Read more

Isthmus Giving


Steve Spaeni

Access Ability Wisconsin helps get outdoor enthusiasts with limited mobility back into nature. It’s all with the aid of an all-terrain outdoor wheelchair. Read more

Isthmus Giving

Q: What is hard to pick, but easy to wrap? A: Books. The well-chosen gift book can pique someone’s interest and create a whole new passion. Read more

Isthmus Giving


Nicola Ferrarese

Holiday entertaining can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Presenting options to your guests means everybody’s happy. Read more

Isthmus Giving

These food-gift suggestions are popular for really good reasons. These artisanal food producers really know how to please a range of finicky palates. Read more

Isthmus Giving