Jacob Bielanski


Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc.

"Our customers are, on average, about 76 years old," says Myron Olson, "but they will swim a river and climb a mountain to get Limburger cheese." Olson is the manager of Monroe's Chalet Cheese Co-Op, the only cheesemaker in the United States currently producing the foil-wrapped, aromatic bricks known as Limburger. He was kind enough to lead me through a tour of the place, where approximately 450,000 pounds of Limburger is produced annually. more



Jacob Bielanski

Tuesday's session wasn't meant to be a discussion of the Milwaukee to Madison high-speed rail line, but a presentation of studies analyzing routes for high-speed rail between the Twin Cities and Milwaukee. Most "reasonable, feasible" routes presented Tuesday by a Wisconsin Department of Transportation official run through Madison and would link up with the rail line that is currently in doubt. more



Jacob Bielanski

Long after the blaze orange clothing has been shelved, taxidermists are hard at work immortalizing the thrill of the hunt. Whether it's the iconic bust of a proud whitetail deer or the menacing pose of a black bear, taxidermists throughout the area quietly blend artistic vision with Wisconsin's rich hunting tradition. more