Jason Krause

When someone discovers a loophole in investment finance rules, it's usually bad news for the little guy. But the Willy Street Co-op and some progressive investors think they've found an opening that will help small family farms and give average citizens a way to invest in businesses they believe in. more



Mac A. Roon

Home-schooling can be a lonely proposition. Even as a college professor, Juliana Hunt remembers struggling to find support to home-school her now-grown daughter. "I was always hoping to find like-minded people who were in the same position as me," she says. "I know that children learn best through a give-and-take, question-and-answer process of teaching and learning, but where do you find mentors who can make that happen?" more

Isthmus Parents

The standard mythology of a technology startup goes like this: A brash entrepreneur takes on millions of dollars in investment capital, hires a bunch of business people, rents a hip, urban office space, buys expensive furniture, and then throws a big more


Before the housing crash in 2008, most American cities saw their share of new condo projects and subdivisions of shiny new McMansions. The Madison area was no exception. All that growth, however, came to a halt with the economic downturn. But five years later, the city is suddenly erupting with new construction -- almost exclusively apartment buildings. more



David Michael Miller

Daniel Moeser retired in 2011 as the longest-serving judge in Dane County history. He says that in his time on the bench, which spanned 32 years, there was a dramatic change in the types of cases that came to trial. "We've had an obvious increase in the number of juvenile, criminal and family law cases, while the personal injury and civil cases have almost dried up," he says. "Some day soon you may see no more civil cases; they will all be handled out of the courtroom. more


It's hard to say if Madison's Just Coffee Cooperative has the best or the worst catchphrase in the history of advertising. The coffee roaster is the featured sponsor for one of the most popular downloads in iTunes, the WTF podcast. At the end of almost every show, host Marc Maron closes by loudly taking a sip of Just Coffee coffee and tells listeners, "Wait for it, wait for it.… Pow! I just shit my pants." more