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Kat Stiennon

Madison Ballet, which has faced financial troubles in past years, is back on stronger footing as it opens “Inside Out” at the Bartell Theatre, Jan. 17-25. Read more


From a photography book on the Wisconsin Dells to a mystery about The Fonz, Wisconsin authors and Wisconsin-based books are filling the shelves this year. Read more


Like today’s trendy “beer choirs,” Madison’s Männerchor celebrates community with social gatherings combined with song. And it’s been doing it since 1852. Read more




Oakwood Chamber Players create a special soundscape in “The Passion of Scrooge.” It features the voice talent of Robert A. Goderich. Read more



Bryce Richter/UW-Madison

Traveling 4 miles per hour and carrying up to 20 pounds, 30 food-delivery robots are roaming UW-Madison, learning the campus and communicating with each other. Read more



Core Spaces

What do neighbors think about a seven-story apartment complex being proposed for 126 Langdon St.? Who knows? Read more

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Benjamin Hopkins

University Opera’s wildly entertaining production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” sets the frothy comedy in Andy Warhol’s Factory. Read more



Taylor Kokinos

Whoa, are you reading this correctly? The scrappy, independent Broom Street Theater capitalizes on “Hamilton fever” by putting on its own “Hamilton,” a farcical piece based on the 1917 Broadway hit by Mary Hamlin. Read more



James Gill

With soprano Cecilia Violetta López in the lead role, Madison Opera’s “La Traviata” was eloquent and emotionally devastating. Read more


Although it may be haunted by the ghost of Joel Gersmann, Broom Street Theater has moved beyond the 1960s counterculture while still staying true to its roots. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

“Ojibwe, Activist, Priest: The Life of Philip Bergin Gordon, Tibishkogijik” is a scholarly book that presents a dry account of a remarkable life. Read more



John Gruber

A photography exhibit at the Dane County Regional Airport examines the rich history of railroads in the region. Read more

Visual Arts

The Wisconsin Historical Society Press releases “Rebel Poet: More Stories from a 21st Century Indian,” a second volume from the brilliant Louis V. Clark III (Two Shoes), a poet from the Oneida Nation. Read more


Area businesses are encouraged to attend Dane Arts Buy Local, an art market and educational event that matches artists to buyers. Read more

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David Michael Miller

We have a plan! Some of the recommendations of the Madison Cultural Plan are being followed, but sometimes it seems like Karin Wolf, the city’s arts program administrator, is the only one using it. Read more

A & E


Mark Hertzberg

Back before the scandals and the fame, Frank Lloyd Wright designed “cottages” on Delavan Lake. A new book looks at the legacy of Penwern, a whimsical example of the architect’s early work. Read more

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Taliesin Preservation

Will UNESCO designation for some Frank Lloyd Wright buildings mean more tourists? Wisconsin business owners and tourism officials are hoping for more international traffic. Read more

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City of Madison

Madison is drafting a preservation plan that would prioritize preserving community history, not just pretty buildings. Read more

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With slight increases in budget and some marketing schemes in place, there might be hope for renewed arts funding in Wisconsin under Gov. Tony Evers’ administration. Read more

A & E

“The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon: The True Story of Alan Bean” is a picture book by former Isthmus editor Dean Robbins, who got a chance to collaborate with one of his childhood heroes. Read more


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    Jay Rath

    Back away from the Bic and opt for a more personalized pen.

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    Jay Rath

    Dan Ouimet makes ballpoints, rollerballs and fountain pens.

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    My beautiful picture

  • emphasis-ninas-store-crJayRath-06232016.jpg

    Jay Rath

    Nina’s packs a lot of merchandise into a modest space. Need marshmallow peanut candy? Check. House on the Rock postcard? Check.

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    Jay Rath

    Joel and Judy Marcus in front of the beloved store.