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Scooters are either a salvation for urban transportation or a curse on city streets and sidewalks. Madison officials hope a scooter pilot project in Milwaukee can offer some guidance for how to regulate them here. Read more



Winterfell Acres

Bethanee Wright is owner and solo farmer at Winterfell Acres. She works in the fields, with her toddler daughter in tow. Read more

Food News

The Dane County jail started a pilot, Parenting Inside Out, in February. The 12-week program provided six inmate fathers training on parenting skills in hopes of improving family communication and reentry into home-life. Read more



City of Madison Engineering

The reconstruction plan calls for the slight narrowing of driving lanes and the addition of pedestrian sidewalks along the north side of University Avenue and east side of University Bay Drive. Read more



Underground Food Collective

If Underground Food Collective gets its liquor license approved for Garver Events, it will be the exclusive caterers for the Garver Feed Mill. Read more

Food News


City of Madison

Madison officials have long wanted to create a city-wide food composting program, but early attempts were plagued with contamination. Now, the city is gearing up for a rebranded pilot program it hopes solves the problems. Read more

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