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Jenny Peek is a tried-and-true Madisonian. Born and raised on the east side, she went from Purgolder to Badger to pursue her passion for writing. Since graduating from UW-Madison's School of Journalism, Jenny has worked as a freelance writer, covering a variety of topics from animal research to political races to infectious diseases. She loves becoming an expert on a topic in order to tell an interesting and important story to her readers. If you have a lead, let her know!

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Maia Pearson and Christina Gomez Schmidt, who advance to the April 7 election for school board, say they will hit the campaign trail hard. Read more

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It has been a difficult year for the Madison school district. We asked school board candidates what would it take to change the narrative. Read more

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Kori Feener

Nkaujnou Vang-Vue is the MMSD’s first Hmong American principal. She oversees a special Hmong-English bilingual program at Lake View elementary. Read more

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The Madison school district is looking to revamp its literacy curriculum. But many parents and community members feel locked out of the process. Read more

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Jenny Peek

The Madison school board is reconsidering a practice that led to the firing of an African American employee for explaining to a student why it is wrong to use a racial slur. Read more

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WHS 34547

UW-Madison was built on land where the Ho-Chunk people lived for at least 12,000 years before white settlers forced them out. The university is trying to acknowledge this painful history with the Our Shared Future endeavor. Read more

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Sarah Maughan

Mike Hernandez insisted he’d found his dream job and would retire as principal at East High. But he’s now taking an administrative job in the district’s central office, for a chance to help influence school policy citywide. Read more


Many students in Madison lag behind their peers around the country in reading skills. Behind the scenes a pedagogical debate rages over how kids should be taught to read. Read more

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Victoria Davis

With the election of three new members, Madison’s school board is now made up of all women and is more diverse. Read more

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Six candidates believe they have the experience and vision to help Madison schools grapple with racism, behavioral issues, the achievement gap and move. Isthmus talked to the candidates to find out why they’re running and what they want to achieve. Read more

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Jenny Peek

There were three primaries for school board seats. The top two vote-getters in each race will meet again on April 2. Read more

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Three school board seats are up for a election this spring, and several candidates of color are running, in part to try to make the board more reflective of the community. Read more

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Matthew Laznicka

If humans are going to explore deep space, they need to figure out how to grow food there. UW-Madison’s Simon Gilroy is doing ground-breaking research in gardening in space. Read more

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Jenny Peek

11.7 percent of Madison residents were born in another country, but their stories are often lost in the heated rhetoric over ICE raids and border walls. The multimedia project, Green Card Voices, aims to humanize their experiences. Read more



Jenny Peek

NextGen America is trying to get 250,000 young people in 11 states to turn out to vote on Nov. 6. If the effort is successful, it could swing the election. Read more



Jenny Peek

Sherman Middle School ended last year in turmoil, with the resignation of its principal and accusations of racism. An interim principal is trying to heal the wounds, but mistrust and skepticism remain. Read more

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Attorney general is officially a non-partisan gig — whoever holds the office pledges to be non-partisan. But Josh Kaul argues that Brad Schimel has been guided by ideology in every decision. Kaul hopes to replace Schimel in the Nov. 6 election. Read more



Madison Metropolitan School District

The Madison school district is doing something new this year for students in kindergarten through seventh grade: adding enrichment classes to the summer school curriculum. Read more

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Jenny Peek

Bianca Lynn Breeze draws the crowds to The Wise’s Drag Queen Bingo. Read more


Two Madison school board seats are up for election, but only one of them is being contested. Incumbent Anna Moffit will be challenged by Gloria Reyes, who is currently a deputy mayor with the city. Mary Burke is running unopposed. Read more


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    Jenny Peek

    Sandra Rivera, right, with MTI’s Doug Keillor, is fighting to get her suspension removed from her job record.

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    Jenny Peek

    Tenzin Rangdol, who emigrated from India three months ago, shares his story at Memorial High School for Green Card Voices.

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    Jenny Peek

    Maia Berlow (left), an organizer for NextGen Wisconsin, asks UW-Madison students to sign pledges to vote on Nov. 6.

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    Jenny Peek

    Interim principal Annemarie Engdahl (left, with umbrella) greets students as they arrive for the first day of school at Sherman Middle School.

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    Jenny Peek

    “I’m here to make people feel welcome and open their minds a little bit.” —Bianca Lynn Breeze (aka Brandon Rounds).

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    Jenny Peek

    Madison's March for Science began at James Madison Park and moved to Library Mall.