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David Michael Miller

PILOT is a little-known tax the city of Madison charges some city agencies in exchange for municipal services. Do taxpayers end up footing the bill? Read more


Dane County and the Henry Vilas Zoological Society reach agreement over some $8 million in funds raised for the zoo. Read more



Joe Tarr

Edgewood College students wanted answers as to why the administration removed links to Planned Parenthood from its wellness information. But the college’s interim president, Mary Ellen Gevelinger, abruptly canceled a meeting with them. Read more


The city of Madison put several suburban communities in a bind with a late request for extra funding for Madison Metro. The municipalities are working on finding a solution, but one possibility is cuts to bus service. Read more


Jan Silvers has at least one thing in common with Sen. Elizabeth Warren: both lost their teaching jobs in 1971 for being pregnant. Silvers case led to a lawsuit that eventually won women the right to maternity leave. Read more

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Kori Feener

People show off their house cats at a Sun Prairie Cat show. Read more



Dylan Brogan

Madison Police to climate activists: Thanks for trying to save the world — now pay us $4,631.66. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Paying property taxes can be an overwhelming burden on elderly homeowners. A little known city program offers some help. Read more



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An estimated 1 billion birds die every year after flying into glass on buildings. The deaths are preventable. And the Madison Audubon Society, UW-Madison and an army of volunteers are trying to make buildings safer for feathered friends. Read more

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Marie Arana, who visits the Central Library for the 2019 Wisconsin Book Festival, takes a personal approach to examining the history of Latin America in “Silver, Sword & Stone.” Read more



Carolyn Fath Ashby

Natives know all the best places. From parks to restaurants, libraries to makerspaces, Isthmus staff share their favorites. Read more

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There are only about 1,700 chess grandmasters in the world, including Madison’s Awonder Liang. Isthmus faces him in a match to see how good he really is. Read more



David Michael Miller

In the early 1960s, Madison destroyed much of the Greenbush neighborhood, dislocating 1,150 people. Now the city is eyeing redevelopment of the so-called Triangle. Will it get it right this time? Read more

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The Newsroom, a nonprofit venture working to increase coverage of state government, will launch its 11th state publication: The Wisconsin Examiner Read more

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Mineral Point Library Archives, R. Richard Wagner Collection

The Stonewall riots turn 50 this year. But gay liberation was in play years before — even in Wisconsin — as a new book by Dick Wagner chronicles. Read more

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The Drumlin Farm was evicted 10 years ago, but the land its residents farmed remained largely undisturbed until last month when the Alexander Company cleared it to make way for Artisan Village. Read more

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David Michael Miller

For more than 100 years, architects and planners have dreamed of ways to better connect downtown with Lake Monona with a signature park. Now the city is starting the process that could make it a reality. Read more


Tickets are still available for some fantastic films showing at this year’s Wisconsin Film Festival. Isthmus critics dug in to another round, to help procrastinators pick their films. Read more

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David Michael Miller

A sea change swept through city government on April 2, as voters replaced almost half of the Common Council. Read more

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Satya Rhodes-Conway won voting wards across the city Tuesday night. Her victory ends what may be longtime mayor Paul Soglin’s last election. Read more

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Some alders are pushing for a more independent review of the East Towne Mall arrest of Genele Laird. But it’s unclear whether they have the authority to demand one. Read more

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    Joe Tarr

    Edgewood students tapped a flier on the door of the college's interim president, Mary Ellen Gevelinger, after she abruptly canceled a meeting with them.

  • Snapshot-Bird-Search-crJoeTarr-10172019.jpg

    Joe Tarr

    One of two warblers found dead next to UW-Madison’s Ogg Hall on Oct. 8.

  • Snapshot-LiangAwonder-crJoeTarr-08222019.jpg

    Joe Tarr

    In 2017, Awonder Liang became one of the youngest grandmasters ever. But can he beat a middle-aged journalist?

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    Joe Tarr

    From left, George Fabian, Nick Baldarotta and Richard Trameri grew up in the Greenbush neighborhood that was largely destroyed during the urban renewal efforts of the early ’60s.

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    Joe Tarr

    When Xay Thor moved into Bayview in 1980, she was one of the first Hmong residents. She says it’s safe and wants to spend the rest of her life there.

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    Joe Tarr

    Brent Walter: "I don’t understand how a for-profit company is going to be better for the zoo than a nonprofit company."