Joe Tarr

Some alders are pushing for a more independent review of the East Towne Mall arrest of Genele Laird. But it’s unclear whether they have the authority to demand one. Read more

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Tickets are still available for some fantastic films showing at this year’s Wisconsin Film Festival. Isthmus critics dug in to another round, to help procrastinators pick their films. Read more

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David Michael Miller

A sea change swept through city government on April 2, as voters replaced almost half of the Common Council. Read more

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Satya Rhodes-Conway won voting wards across the city Tuesday night. Her victory ends what may be longtime mayor Paul Soglin’s last election. Read more

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Henry Vilas Zoo

Dane County is breaking up with the Henry Vilas Zoological Society, leaving many baffled as to why the relationship has soured. Read more

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Police have twice been called to the home of Jim White, candidate for Common Council, for reports of a domestic disturbance. White denies any violence occurred. Read more

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Joe Tarr

Madison has a chapter of Socialist Rifle Association, a leftist alternative to the NRA that aims to offer gun education and a defense of community. People of color, women and transgender people are welcome — racist, sexist bigots are prohibited. Read more

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The world has 12 years to prevent catastrophic climate change. So why are Wisconsin’s utilities still burning coal? Read more

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Although only four Common Council seats involved primaries on Tuesday, 11 seats will see competitive elections on April 2. Read more



Joe Tarr

Every week, the Dane County Humane Society takes in dogs and puppies from Southern shelters. Isthmus watched one group’s arrival. Read more


Environmentalists and animal rights activists are trying to draw attention to coyote-killing contests, including one being held this weekend in Sauk City. Read more

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James Madison Park, Madison, Wisconsin 05-03-2014 110

Richard Hurd

The Board of Park Commissioners is scheduled to look at the master plan for James Madison Park in February, but if agreement can’t be reached, it will be put on the backburner. Read more

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Carolyn Fath

Many were stunned when the Tenant Resource Center fired Brenda Konkel as its executive director and have demanded her reinstatement. But five former employees say it was a long time coming. Read more

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We love dogs. And we love watching dogs — in real life and onscreen. Here are some of Isthmus’ favorite movies (and one TV episode) featuring canines and their humans. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Bill Lueders’ journalism career has come full circle. He’s been named editor of The Progressive magazine, the publication he interned at in 1984. Read more

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Many are outraged by firing of Brenda Konkel from the Tenant Resource Center. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Chris Taylor threatened with lawsuit over column criticizing ALEC speaker. Read more

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Ald. David Ahrens got into a bitter exchange with Mayor Paul Soglin at the Sept. 4 council meeting. Two weeks later, the police began investigating Ahrens. Did he violate the open meetings law or is he a victim of political retaliation? Read more

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For Dalia Mogahed, starting to wear a hijab was a “feminist” expression of independence. But not all of her feminist friends saw it that way. Read more



David Michael Miller

Wisconsin’s voter ID law is a proven way to suppress turnout at the polls, especially among people of color and the poor. But dedicated volunteers are fighting back by registering people and making sure they have valid IDs. Read more

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Ben Jones

A farmer north of Madison has preserved her land for farming — and made some of it available to Hmong farmers. Read more


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    Joe Tarr

    Brent Walter: "I don’t understand how a for-profit company is going to be better for the zoo than a nonprofit company."

  • Snapshot-Socialist-Rifle-Association-crJoeTarr-03142019.jpg

    Joe Tarr

    AJ Basso, one of nine active members in the Madison chapter of the Socialist Rifle Association, practices at a shooting range in Oregon.

  • Cover-Michna-Charlie-crJoeTarr-03072019.jpg

    Joe Tarr

    Charlie Michna lives next to two coal power plants—one co-owned by MGE—near Oak Creek. “You can’t put up this much black air and not have it have an effect on you.”

  • Cover-Clean-Energy-Rally-crJoeTarr-03072019.jpg

    Joe Tarr

    In Oak Creek on Feb. 11, protesters condemn a proposal to allow We Energies to release as much as three times the state limit of mercury into Lake Michigan.

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    Joe Tarr

    Volunteers try to coax Carmella, a shy dog from Mississippi, into the Wisconsin winter. She’s in foster care until she can gain more weight and be offered for adoption.

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    Joe Tarr

    Several restaurants — including the Tipsy Cow on King Street — temporarily closed because of the ICE enforcement.