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The Natural Resources Board approved construction of a snowmobile through Blue Mound State Park last January. But due to a lawsuit, the board will reconsider the policy at the end of this month. Read more


State board approves motorcycles, rockets, dog training at Badger Army Ammunition Plant near Baraboo. But with a lawsuit pending, the matter may not be settled. Read more



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Last month, a hunter killed another buck from the revered white deer herd near Leland. Many rural Sauk County residents are upset and trying to raise awareness to protect the animals. Read more



Wisconsin Department of Tourism

Most of the contaminated areas of the former Badger Ammo site are now clean. But proposed recreational uses of the land threaten to derail decades of local advocacy for safe and sustainable use of this vast tract of unique real estate. Read more

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Donald Trump sealed his presidential victory by edging out Hillary Clinton by 27,359 votes in Wisconsin. But more than 150,000 people voted for third party candidates here. Were those voters spoilers to Clinton’s election bid? Read more

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Steven Gnam

“Monumental: Skiing Our National Parks” is a thrilling look at the history of skiing in treasured landscapes. It plays the Barrymore Nov. 9. Read more


Taking a page from the local motor sports lovers' playbook, more than 100 bicyclists showed up at the annual meeting of the Friends of the Badger State Trail in Belleville last week and swept three of their own into open seats on the advisory group's board. Read more


Landscaper Dan Sullivan owns 90 wooded acres just outside Monticello. Friends and neighbor kids know they can walk his property on the trails he's built, but only if they follow his rules. Read more