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Stephanie Hofmann

From art exhibits to documentaries, stage plays and floating parades, you’d be a fool to miss these wonderful spring events. Read more

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“Postmadison” is a powerful new exhibit at Arts + Literature Lab, featuring artists who studied at UW-Madison and have moved on — or stayed. Read more

Visual Arts

A joint show at Paoli’s Abel Contemporary Gallery displays work of handbuilding and woodblock printing. Read more

Visual Arts

From Frida Kahlo’s mysterious cactus fruit to neon lights displayed inside the historic stock pavilion, 2018 was a wild, fun-filled year for the visual arts in Madison. John McLaughlin recounts shows that moved him. Read more

Visual Arts

Artist Katherine Steichen Rosing captures the cryptic beauty of the life-and-death cycle of ash trees in “Emeralds to Ashes,” an exhibit at Madison College. Read more

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Barry Phipps

“New Midwest Photography” at the James Watrous Gallery explores the dark and the light, the sad and the hopeful, in our varied region. Read more

Visual Arts

Art-MMOCA-Bronzes-09202018 2.jpg

Wojtek Naczas

The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art’s newest exhibit, “Joel Shapiro: The Bronzes,” is a monumental achievement, for both the sculptor and the curator Stephen Fleischman. Read more

Visual Arts

Abel Contemporary Gallery, a 30-year fixture in Paoli, announces a move from Paoli to Stoughton. Read more

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Artworking, a nonprofit that supports artists with disabilities, is raising funds to relocate and expand after a flood damaged its office and studio space. Read more

A & E

Arts + Literature Laboratory continues its edgy experimental series, projecting in the alley. This year the curators chose from nearly 250 submissions to create the varied program. The films run on Saturdays throughout August. Read more


Luke Proctor, last year’s Best in Show winner at the Art Fair on the Square for metal works, makes a stunning line of furniture from smithed metals. He wants us to rethink our stereotyped ideas of blacksmiths. Read more

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Photos courtesy Irene Grau

For “Construction Season,” her interactive show at MMoCA, Irene Grau created laser-cut iron pieces replicating spray-painted construction symbols. Read more

Visual Arts

The meanings behind letters of the alphabet animate a dual exhibit at the James Watrous Gallery from Anne Kingsbury and Helen Lee. Read more

Visual Arts


Andrew Balkin

Andrew Balkin, who carved out a career in Madison making fine art prints for contemporary artists, is headed to New York City’s Hollis Taggart Galleries for a solo exhibition of his drawings. Read more

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There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the job descriptions for Mel Becker Solomon and Leah Kolb, curators at Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Read more

Visual Arts

MMoCA’s one-night only “Chroma” aims to engage all the senses by celebrating color Read more

Visual Arts

UW-Madison is one of the few universities that have a neon arts program. A show April 20-21 at the UW Stock Pavilion illuminates the works of students and professional neon artists. Read more

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Martin Jenich

Madison’s busy poet laureate Oscar Mireles helps kick off National Poetry Month with a series of events at the Madison Public Library. Read more



Jennifer Engelbart-Tatar

Stephon “Chill” Ashley is a prolific artist. He has scored a rare solo show in the school’s gallery. Read more

Visual Arts


Mary Dickey

Here’s a cure for winter cabin fever: A drive to the excellent “Wings & Water” exhibition at Sauk Prairie River Arts Center. Read more

Visual Arts

  • Art-Balkin-Andrew-crJohnMcLaughlin-05172018.jpg

    John McLaughlin

    Balkin works in a studio on the outskirts of Middleton.

  • Feature-Winter-Lake-Preparation-crMcLaughlinJohn-11052015.jpg

    John McLaughlin

    A view of the Capitol from the snow-covered shore of Lake Mendota at Governor’s Island.