John Morgan

Madison is routinely ranked one of the best places in the country to live...for humans. But you may have noticed that it's increasingly a pretty good place for hawks as well. The birds of prey population is soaring, thanks to decades of reestablishme Read more


If you've ever hiked in spring in Wisconsin, you know what it is to slip, slide and fall into icy mud. But taking steps to ensure a good time hiking in the spring can be as easy as planning when to go. Read more

A & E

I'm always amazed at the looks I get when people hear I often write about the Ice Age Trail. They do that blank stare/unknowing nod combo that we all do when conversation treads onto unfamiliar ground that we realize we probably ought to be familiar with. I shake people out of their funk by saying, 'It's our version of the Appalachian Trail!' Usually that does the trick. Read more