Josh Perkins

When dining out crosses the line into dangerous, it's a game-changer. That's the situation for many families whose children have serious food allergies. The number of children with clinical allergies to certain foods has been trending upward. The Centers for Disease Control reports that it increased 18% between 1997 and 2007. Read more

Isthmus Parents

Dalton, Wis., isn't far as the crow flies, just under 50 miles from Madison. Once there, you'll find the kind of American farm life that lives in the imagination, but isn't always easy to see up close. A few cars were pulled up to the massive shed that houses the Tri-County Produce Auction when I arrived on a weekday morning. Horse-drawn buggies soon outnumbered cars, as Tri-County was founded by Amish growers. Those attending the auction ranged in age from three upwards; all who were big enough were helping. Read more


I grew up eating a kind of taco that is on the decline in Madison as its Mexican food scene improves. It featured ground beef (always) flavored by a spice blend from an envelope, shredded orange cheese, canned salsa and the contents of a restaurant salad bar stuffed into a bright yellow, crisp tortilla shell. I still love that kind of taco, because with good ingredients it can be excellent. This article, though, has nothing to do with that sort of taco. Read more