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Laura Zastrow

Here’s a recap of what’s new in Madison-area dining, with a reference list of our favorite dishes. Read more

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David Michael Miller

One of Wisconsin's most popular beer festivals drew a bigger crowd than ever this year. More than 5,000 people attended the sixth annual edition of Isthmus Beer and Cheese Fest, held on Saturday, Jan. 17 at the Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall. Read more


From busty dirndl-clad blonde maidens to the Miller High Life Girl in the Moon, women's bodies have been used to sell beer to men since the dawn of advertising. Unfortunately, the rise of craft beer has hardly proven to be an exception to this long-standing practice. Read more



Potter Lawson

Plans for Octopi Brewing Company are moving forward, though not in the location originally envisioned by founder Isaac Showaki. On Monday evening, the Waunakee Plan Commission unanimously approved a site plan for the contract-focused brewery, which is to be built at 1220 Uniek Dr. on the east end of the village. Read more



Pierre-Paul Pariseau

"What are your plans for the holidays?" For those of us with tight-knit families, the answer to that question is often no more than a matter of logistics: Our place or the in-laws'? Serve duck or turkey? Read more

Isthmus Giving

When local hip-hop producers, artists and supporters gathered in May of 2010 to find a way to celebrate the local scene, they weren't certain the resulting event -- the first Madison Hip-Hop Awards ceremony -- would be a lasting success. Read more



Julia Burke

The Middleton-based brewery announced Thursday that Ashley Kinart has been promoted to brewmaster. She is the first woman to hold the position in a Dane County craft brewery and is among only a few female brewmasters across Wisconsin. Read more



Print & Resist

In a world where digital communication is king and corporate spin influences lots of mainstream news coverage, indie zines are appealing for their candidness and the nostalgia they conjure. The second annual Print & Resist, a daylong festival celebrating zines, grassroots journals and artisanal books, takes place at the Central Library on Saturday, Nov. 1. Read more

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Philip Whisenhunt

Let's face it: Halloween has been sanitized for the young and innocent. Trick-or-treating starts on Oct. 31 at the not-so-scary hour of 4 p.m. in a number of Madison neighborhoods, and many of the weekend's parties are designed for toddlers, ending well before the average disco napper wakes. What's a thrill-seeker to do? Read more


Low guitar notes cut through the sound of falling rain in the opening lines of "Song for the Flatirons," a pretty and wistful highlight of Kyle Rightley's latest EP. Titled "The Bleak, Barbarian Pines", the album is the Madison artist's sophomore solo release, but it doesn't sound like the work of a green musician. Read more


Forget industry diversity, market saturation, hop shortages, or the lack of small, independent maltsters: The craft beer topic guaranteed to raise blood pressures highest is undoubtedly the pumpkin. Read more


Banish the image of a "drunk bus" from your mind -- Hop Head Beer Tours is about responsible, safe, and respectful enjoyment of Midwest brewing regions. In December, founders Justin Schmitz and Felipe Moreira will celebrate the fourth anniversary of their brewery tour company, which has grown from offering a handful of bus tours of Madison-area breweries to a full-fledged craft beer appreciation project. Read more



Tommy Washbush

Where can you see Walter White walk hand in hand with Wonder Woman while SpongeBob Squarepants helps the Justice League adjust their costumes and a Care Bear crowd-surfs in the background? At Freakfest, of course. Madison's iconic Halloween party fea Read more

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Paulius Musteikis

State Street is synonymous with UW-Madison, and some all-time favorite Badger hangouts have been on University Avenue. But when "Isthmus" asked our food crew to reveal their favorite campus eats under eight bucks, the choices turned out to be largely along Regent Street from Park to Monroe. Read more

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Paulius Musteikis

Nothing's more tame than a soothing cup of tea, but add the world's most popular beverage to a cocktail and its simplicity gets an exciting makeover. From summer's sweet spiked iced tea to fall's hot toddies, tea is an unsung hero of mixology that enlivens and structures an amazing variety of drinks. Read more

Isthmus Drinks


Sharon Vanorny

As owner of Square Wine Company, 5 N. Pinckney St. on the Capitol Square, Andrea Hillsey shares her passion for wine with customers through regular classes and tastings, and also with every bottle sold. Read more

Isthmus Drinks

As some of the major music promoters in town and the owners of a top concert venue, Majestic Theatre owners Matt Gerding and Scott Leslie see the best new talent in Madison on a regular basis. So it's perhaps only natural that they've added another arm to the Majestic music leviathan: band management. Read more



Tandem Press

Tandem Press, the fine art press affiliated with the UW Art Department, is launching a free jazz series beginning Sept. 26. Concerts will showcase student ensembles from the jazz program in UW's School of Music. Read more



Julia Burke

DJ Pain 1 and Sole brought their electric combination of politically charged punk rap and deep-cutting beats to the Frequency on Sunday night, treating the crowd to a dose of healthy, focused anger and incendiary turntable work. Read more


"Put it in your freezer," a friend and drinking mentor said as she handed me a bottle of boutique vodka she'd been sent as a gift. "One should always have a good vodka in the freezer, just in case." I'm not a vodka drinker, but enough people are that my bottle in the freezer has come in handy on a regular basis. Read more

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