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"It’s where we found our voices. It’s where we made lifelong friends." The haven for subcultures, home to comedy, burlesque and techno, will close its doors on May 2 after a final “Leather and Lace” event. Read more

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Crowdfunding is the key, as Wisconsin's LGBTQ community has stepped up to save one of a handful of gay clubs in Madison. Now, the club is less than $10,000 away from being able to stay open, says owner Dave Eick. Read more

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Overture Center’s 2015-16 schedule promises the “biggest Broadway season Madison’s ever seen.” "Wicked" returns, and Overture adds "Kinky Boots," "Newsies" and "Motown" to its crowd-pleasing favorites. Read more


As Madison reacts to the police-involved shooting of Willy Street resident Tony Robinson over the weekend, audiences will have an opportunity to experience performances created by UW-Madison's hip-hop and spoken word community. Read more


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Erik Gernand's script is sharp and witty, providing just the right amount of biting sarcasm. The snappy dialogue propels the story while still providing the necessary time for the pieces of the plot to unfold. Read more



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Whether you wish to bid a fond farewell to 2014 or just say good riddance, there are plenty of ways to party and dance your way to 2015. Here are some spots around town where bands will be rocking, bootys will be shaking and booze will be flowing. Read more

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Laura Zastrow

If you've seen a mural in Madison, Sharon Kilfoy probably had a hand in its creation. For the last 10 years, Kilfoy has run the Williamson Street Art Center, which helps local kids and artists enhance local neighborhoods with large-scale works, especially in areas that get overlooked in discussions about public art. Read more


Many of the songs on Driftless are more intense than Anna Vogelzang's past work. She juxtaposes contrasting elements beautifully, like swelling choruses and quiet bridges. Read more



Anda Marie

Anna Vogelzang traded leisurely songwriting retreats for hectic musical-production spurts in preparation for "Driftless", a new EP she'll release Nov. 16 at the Old Sugar Distillery. Read more



Philip Whisenhunt

Let's face it: Halloween has been sanitized for the young and innocent. Trick-or-treating starts on Oct. 31 at the not-so-scary hour of 4 p.m. in a number of Madison neighborhoods, and many of the weekend's parties are designed for toddlers, ending well before the average disco napper wakes. What's a thrill-seeker to do? Read more



Celebrations Art Studio

When Poonam Rao started a Facebook page in December 2012, she didn't consider herself an art studio owner. "I just created my page with all the artwork that I had, to see what people were thinking," she says. "I didn't have plans of any sort." Read more

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Philip Ashby

Madison Public Library and its foundation have transformed the Wisconsin Book Festival into a yearlong feast of stellar storytelling and intriguing ideas. With many events at the Central Library, the main portion of the fest (Oct. 16-19) is also a chance for attendees to enjoy the new building's art, gathering spaces and, of course, books. Here are some of the events we're most excited about. Read more

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Charlie Bauer

I had never received a vocabulary sheet upon entering the doors of a theater, not until attending the Strollers Theatre production of "Jerusalem", a much-lauded play by English writer Jez Butterworth (through May 31 at the Bartell). The three-act, three-hour-long show is full of humor and drunken antics, with a smattering a literary allusions to boot. Read more



Beth Kille

For many people, "camp" brings to mind tents, canoeing and s'mores, but for Girls Rock Camp Madison attendees, the word means so much more. Since 2009, this organization " the local chapter of the national Girls Rock Camp Alliance -- has been building bands and empowering young women through music education and performance. Read more


The latest music video by PHOX hit the web on April 23, and was quickly featured by "Entertainment Weekly". The band's soulful folk-pop has already gained lots of attention in 2014, including recognition from NPR and "The New York Times". Read more

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The Wisconsin Film Festival is drawing to a close after a week in which Madison residents and visitors turned out to enjoy movies and learn about the stories behind them. On Sunday, April 6, "The Lumberjack at 100" series of restored films screened at UW Cinematheque. Read more


Four Star Video Heaven has been a staple for Madison cinephiles since 1985. In addition to sating numerous movie cravings, the video-rental shop helped launch the careers of former employees like Dan Savage, writer of the nationally syndicated sex-advice column "Savage Love" and editorial director of Seattle's "The Stranger". Read more




If you spot Gabrielle Pedriani on the street, you may think she's simply a stylish Madison gal. But dressing well isn't just a hobby for this Wisconsin native. Two years ago, she launched a blog called "Look Sharp, Sconnie", which set her on a path to bigger opportunities in the world of fashion. Read more

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Joe Rocco

Filthy slush on sidewalks, gruel served in prison movies, gelatinous green pond scum. Let's face it: Mush tends to be gross. So why do we tolerate heaps of it in February? Clearly, it's Cupid's fault. The chubby cherub and his Hallmark minions turn Madison into a breeding ground for too-smooth jazz and excessive amounts of PDA. Protest the holiday from hell " and have some fun in the process " with these unconventional, not-so-romantic Valentine's weekend events. Read more

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Beth Kille had no idea that a Kickstarter campaign would result in a musical collaboration. The fundraising site brought Elizabeth Petty to her doorstep, and before long, the two had created the new album "Authenticity". Read more

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