When immigrants are released from detention centers to await their appearance in court, they often have nothing. Sarah Frank traveled to the border with much-needed supplies. Read more



Matthew Murphy

It all started when his son was bullied at school. John Leguizamo stops at Overture Hall with his Tony Award-winning “Latin History for Morons” on June 28. Read more



Kori Feener

An estimated 10,000 people rallied at the Capitol in support of budget proposals from Gov. Tony Evers: granting driver’s licenses to non-citizens and providing in-state tuition to undocumented students who graduate from Wisconsin high schools. Read more


Over the last couple of decades Midwestern dairy farmers and the Mexican workers who endure danger and hardship to come north and milk their cows have developed a deep, interdependent relationship. Read more

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"Los Lecheros,” a short documentary making the round of film festivals, explores the intertwined fates of Wisconsin’s farmers and undocumented dairy workers. Read more



Felicia Clark

On a scorching Saturday in Madison, a couple marries at the state Capitol. Around the bend, a rally protesting the Trump administration’s policy that has separated children from their parents was taking place. The irony was surreal. Read more


Several murals were not preserved during the recent renovation of Centro Hispano. Ananda Mirilli says that should not be mourned, but celebrated. Read more

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The process of signing up for DACA required participants to give out a lot of information about their families, who they now worry are at greater risk of deportation. Could decades of hard work by their parents be upended? Read more



Chris Collins

From humble beginnings as a quarterly newsletter to a biweekly publication with more than 30,000 readers, La Comunidad News has grown and expanded with the Madison area’s Latino population. Read more



David Michael Miller

The Koch-funded Libre group aims to recruit Hispanics to the Republican Party. But the group backs proposals that hurt Latinos. Read more



Lauren Justice

In a show of solidarity and a protest of proposed legislation, thousands cram Capitol Square for a Day Without Latinos. Read more


​Many of Madison’s Latino families are praising a plan to expand bilingual education in the Madison school district. But some critics worry that the new proposal could create “segregated classrooms.” Read more


As Centro Hispano celebrates its 25th anniversary, the organization is looking to director Karen Menendez Coller to lead the way in tackling the major challenges facing the Latino community in Madison and Dane County. Read more



Liz Merfeld

Madison College and the Literacy Network team up to help a wide range of students with ESL. Read more


The Farley Center for Peace, Justice and Sustainability outside Verona has been helping farmers of color, especially those with Hmong and Latino backgrounds, with the process of starting CSAs and gaining organic certification. Read more