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Laura Zastrow

MMoCA’s Triennial is a chance for Wisconsin’s contemporary artists to gain traction on the regional and national scenes. This year’s show, which opens Sept. 23, is diverse and compelling. more

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Nancy Craig

A new play at Broom Street Theater explores difficult questions and family dynamics. But the play tries to do too much, writes Laura Jones. more



Liz Lauren

American Players Theatre brings Samuel Beckett's apocalyptic "Endgame" to the Touchstone Theatre, through Oct. 16. more



Liz Lauren

Playwright Tom Stoppard ponders the universe and engages the audience in a mystery in “Arcadia,” which opened Aug. 6 at American Players Theatre. more


As a child, Claire Stigliani became obsessed with making dolls. Now the artist films videos of puppets acting out grownup fairy tales on her miniature theater sets. MMoCA hosts an evocative exhibit from the UW MFA grad through Sept. 4. more

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Thursday nights in July, Cinematheque and retired UW film professor David Bordwell will shine a light on four 1940s-era writers — Otis Ferguson, James Agee, Manny Farber and Parker Tyler — whose groundbreaking prose shaped decades of film criticism. more



Dan Myers

Queer Shorts 2.0: The Reboot is a terrific night of theater, packed with hilarious comedy and poignant insights into LGBT life. It runs at the Bartell Theatre until June 18. more

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Laura Zastrow

She appears to be everywhere, yet there’s not quite enough of her to go around. Karin Wolf, Madison’s arts administrator, is a combination of sharp focus and free-range spark. more

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Sharon Vanorny

After years of touring the U.S., “The Lion King” production has become a well-oiled machine that sometimes is controlled chaos. more



KelsyAnne Schoenhaar

Encore Studio for the Performing Arts hits home with its hilarious, sly look at elections and life with disabilities in “Acts to Grind.” more



Zane Williams

Forward Theater’s latest production, “Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play,” imagines a future where “The Simpsons” is the only surviving culture. It’s a postmodern wonder, thrilling from start to its operatic finish. more


While some popular flicks have been sold out, there’s still plenty of chances to catch titles you won’t see anywhere else at the 2016 Wisconsin Film Festival. Here, Isthmus critics weigh in on some films that have the power to captivate or disturb. more

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They literally wrote the book that’s the cornerstone of all Film 101 courses. David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson are two Madisonians who have changed the way the world looks at cinema. more

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Jonathan J. Miner

“Sweet William” is an immersive genre-buster, featuring a hard-hitting, hard-spitting outfielder with a sordid past. It runs at Broom Street Theater until April 9. more



Jess Schuknecht

It’s tough to tie up all the loose ends in a murder mystery. But the talented writer/actors at Are We Delicious? have done it in one week. This inventive laugh-out-loud romp plays just a few more shows at the Bartell Theatre. more



Ross Zentner

It's rare for a theater piece to transform the way we see the world. But “The Mojo and the Sayso,” which deals with the aftermath of police violence on an African-American family, has done just that. It’s a must-see for Madison audiences. more



Dan Myers

Get your kitschy oceanside vacation right here in Madison with StageQ’s “Psycho Beach Party.” more



Rebecca Bagley

Spots fill up fast for Forward Theater’s Play Club, which is like a book club for plays. Laura Jones says the group discussion gave her new insights into Annie Baker’s controversial play, “The Flick.” more



Ross Zentner

Forward Theater’s production of Annie Baker’s Pulitzer-winning play, “The Flick,” is set in a dilapidated movie theater, where three main characters are incessantly sweeping. The play may be the “Waiting for Godot” for the millennial generation. more



Jason Gardner

After a tough start, Chesney Snow is forging his own path as an actor and beatboxer in New York City. The former Madisonian appears with “Vocalosity” at the Overture Center on Jan. 28 and 29. more