Lauren Pongan


Memorial LIbrary, UW-Madison Libraries.

Since just about anything can be read on a computer screen nowadays, the printed book is beginning to feel like an endangered species. If books become extinct, what happens to paper? The UW Libraries' exhibit "Text Support: A Library Exhibition About Paper" examines the history and production of this material and its role as the silent sidekick in the history of printing. Curated by Tracy Honn and Lyn Korenic, the exhibition runs through June 28. Read more

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Brad Seehafer / Stoughton Area School District

High school shop classes that help students gain technical skills are nothing new, but what about a course called "How to Make (Almost) Anything" that actually means it? That will be the centerpiece of a new $206,000 "fab lab" at Stoughton High School, only the second public high school in the nation to have such a facility. Though the lab is already functional, formal classes will debut there this fall. Read more



Madison Public Library

In the past, Madison Public Library wasn't the place to craft a blueprint or build a miniature rocket. If there were any handmade books on the premises, they were probably in a display case, behind a layer of glass. Well, times have changed, and now you can learn to create all of these items through hands-on classes the library has organized. They're part of the Bubbler, a new, free program for local "makers." Read more

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Seth Jovaag

For the past four months, a 20-foot-long sign has loomed in front of the Monkey Bar Gymnasium", charging the business with shameful behavior over a "labor dispute." The same three men hold the sign Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., rain, snow or shine. They followed the gym from its former location on Williamson Street to its current space on the corner of East Washington Avenue and First Street. Read more


The Center for Resilient Cities, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit committed to revitalizing urban communities, has opened shop on Madison's south side. Located just off Rimrock Road, the boxy faade of the Resilience Research Center seems a bit imposing, in part because of its disproportionately small parking lot. The limited number of spots encourages visitors to arrive by foot or bike, for which there is ample parking. Read more