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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 83 immigrants in Wisconsin during a four-day “enforcement surge.” Local leaders say the operation was a breach of normal protocol. And for Madison’s immigrant community, it was an act of terror. more

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WORT FM DJs “uneasy” but not fearful following shooting at the community radio station. more


Spirituality can help many incarcerated people turn their lives around. So faith leaders want Dane County officials to prioritize providing sacred space in the renovated jail. more


Fitchburg Mayor Jason Gonzalez is being sued by a former legal client who spent over 200 days in jail for felony charges that were ultimately overturned. more



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U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan traveled to the United States-Mexico border where he saw the facilities holding immigrants whose families have been torn apart by border agents. He is right to call for the abolition of ICE. more



David Michael Miller

Fatal opioid overdoses are on the rise in Dane County. It’s time to legalize cannabis and opioid use and treat drug abuse as the public health problem it is. more

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Thousands of Dane County residents have struggled with addiction from opioids. Dane County has also struggled to cover the costs of dealing with the epidemic. Now the county is joining a national effort to get Big Pharma to help pay for the fallout. more

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Andrew Scoles insisted he had information about Brittany Zimmermann’s murder. Recently unsealed documents show he was trying to reach a deal with the Dane County District Attorney to share it. Prosecutors appeared uninterested. Now Scoles is dead. more


Two well-known attorneys with solid progressive credentials are facing off for a seat on the Dane County Circuit Court. Get to know them before the April 3 election. more

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Officer Stephen Heimsness harassed a female officer a month before he fatally shot Paul Heenan. Madison Police launched an investigation but initially, only Heimsness’ victim was scrutinized. more

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Trump floats the idea of the death penalty for drug dealers. But what about when its big pharmaceutical companies that are the dealers? more

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Madison Police is embracing most recommendations made by consultants who spent a year studying the department. Just not the ones that are most critical of the department. more



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The exploding opioid epidemic is being exacerbated by the growing shortage of attorneys. The crisis is most evident in the courtrooms of rural Wisconsin. One solution: raise the pay for public defenders. more

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The Derail the Jail coalition says Dane County doesn’t need to spend $76 million consolidating jail operations. But officials say the group is ignoring the facts and putting inmates lives at risk. more

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Civil rights lawsuits stemming from police shootings in Madison are raising the city’s insurance costs. The city’s share of just two recent multimillion dollar lawsuits cost taxpayers $600,000. more


Judge William Hanrahan tossed another case because the DA’s office was unprepared to proceed. It’s another sign of frayed relations between the Dane County District Attorney’s Office and the local judiciary. more


Judge William Hanrahan forces the dismissal of cases against three alleged armed robbers after the Dane County District Attorney’s Office fails to produce a witness list on time. more


A Sun Prairie police officer, Matt McElroy, didn’t think it was fair to issue tickets for more serious violations while he was working on a grant intended for seatbelt enforcement. And so he wrote tickets for violations that didn’t occur. more

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What played out in Judge Josann Reynolds’ courtroom on April 24 was an epic clash, suggesting deep fissures between District Attorney Ismael Ozanne’s office and some local judges. more



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Numerous citations were dismissed in Sun Prairie after the arresting officer was caught lying. But the city kept a lid on it. more

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