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Graft: Paulius Musteikis

Why grab dinner for date night anymore? Try this two-step strategy instead. Read more


Over the past year, my wife and I started discussing the possibility of actually doing some of the stuff we only talk about in bed. On Dec. 31, the make-believe will become reality. It both thrills and terrifies me. Read more

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Candice Wagener

A Woman’s Touch celebrates its 20th anniversary. The ground-breaking sex-positive shop has been a pioneer in safe products and education. Read more



Joe Tarr

Domestic partnerships were created by Wisconsin in 2009 to give same-sex couples some of the rights that marriage bestowed. On Wednesday, Dane County issued the first domestic partnership to an opposite-sex couple. Read more

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Stephanie Hofmann

Madison couple Chris Johns and Tabitha Rae are working on a tech startup that might just be the future of sex. Read more

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"Newly single and not terribly excited to be back on the market, where do I meet eligible, age-appropriate hippie types now? My generation has moved out of the housing co-ops, and the 1960s-70s musical greats are either dead or too old to tour..." Read more

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Dear Tell All: I consider myself a feminist. I believe that women should be strong and dignified, and I won't stand for anything less than complete equality between the sexes. But these beliefs don't extend to the bedroom. Read more

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Dear Tell All: I've had lots of luck meeting appealing women, mostly on the near east side. The only problem is, I'm deathly allergic to cats, and nearly every woman I've gone out with in the past year has turned out to be a cat owner. Read more

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Dear Tell All: Confirmed Bachelor said that, unlike all the other gay couples flocking to the City-County Building, he would not marry his partner following a judge's recent ruling on same-sex marriage. His reason was a lingering sense of shame in a Read more

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Dear Tell All: I cheered the court's recent ruling against Wisconsin's same-sex marriage ban along with all my LGBT friends. Unlike many of them, though, I didn't have a strong desire to rush down to the City-County Building to get married. Read more

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Alexei Vella

Fishing for love in a small pond can make your odds of hooking a mate look grim. At a certain age, the dating pool dries up into isolated puddles. Will online dating help me find true love in Madison? Read more

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Dear Tell All: I'm going to be without a date on Valentine's Day, but not for lack of trying. Read more

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Sharon Vanorny

I am something of a first-date connoisseur. My last relationship ended in December of 2009, and I spent the next year alternating between "depressive hermit" and "online dating savant." In 2010, I went on 20 first dates, nine second dates, and five t Read more

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Nick Bartsch

Finding that special person can be an intensely personal and sometimes scary process. For many people, meeting someone who shares their interests and appreciates their quirks is difficult, and when some of you're into cosplay or "Magic: The Gathering Read more


In the pop canon there are songs about death, surfing and job-stealing Japanese robots, but music's most enduring theme is love. Read more


I'm going to resist the obvious answer: on the Appalachian Trail. Read more

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Cindy Carlson

With only a handful of shopping days left before Valentine's Day, I'm feeling the pressure. I'm sitting in my idling car listening to Delilah mend broken hearts with Barry Manilow and give advice to the romantically disadvantaged. But that's not me. Read more


The instructor, Marline Pearson, nods sagely. She displays another drawing, of a newborn baby and a graveyard. "Is this true or is this not true?" she asks. "Relationships can bring us our greatest joy and our greatest pain." Read more

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