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Green energy could be Wisconsin’s next big industry, providing high-paying jobs. The field is experiencing a job boom that reflects economics, not any sort of liberal agenda. Read more

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David Michael Miller

It sounded like an amazing idea to turn Madison College’s downtown campus into a science museum, art galleries, nonprofit space and affordable housing. But it also turned out to be too costly. Read more



David Michael Miller

Those who want to move Madison College’s downtown campus to the south side say it makes a lot of sense: go where the students are. But it also might increase social isolation for all of us. Read more

Citizen Dave

Culinary school students combine a lesson in off-premise catering with community service Saturday afternoon, April 25, by serving up bowls of authentic Tonkotsu ramen in Philosopher's Park, at the top of State, starting about 2:45 p.m. Read more



Peter Patau

Madison College's president has recommended selling its downtown campus, but many people fear that is a mistake. Still, Madison city officials are not likely to fight proposed sale. Read more



Joe Tarr

Madison College president is recommending the board of directors sell its downtown campus, while investing heavily in a new south campus. Many faculty, students and neighbors are alarmed. Read more


Peter Nelson worked in information technology for 20 years before leaving the business world to pursue what he calls his "truest love" -- teaching. He has now taught mathematics at Madison College for 13 years and considers it his career. Read more



Liz Merfeld

Madison College and the Literacy Network team up to help a wide range of students with ESL. Read more


Randy Redetzke admits he has a dream job. As art director for Human Head Studios in Madison, he develops the characters and environments for videogames like "Prey" and "Prey 2" for the Xbox, working with concept artists to guide the overall vision. H Read more


These days, anybody who doesn't get the explosion of interest in food doesn't get cities. That's why Madison College's idea to move their culinary school back downtown is such a great idea. Read more

Citizen Dave

  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    Beth Skogen

    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    A scene from "Alice in Wonderland" by Dance Wisconsin.