Madison Craft Beer Week 2017

Napalm Bunny is an amped version of Ale Asylum’s Velveteen Habit. The new imperial IPA is a great beer from with depth and complexity. Read more



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2017 Cask Ale Fest for Madison Craft Beer Week Read more

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Unique brews worth seeking out won’t be in short supply during Madison Craft Beer Week. Here are some to make tracks to taste. Read more


The collaborative Common Thread 2017 is an uncommon Baltic porter. “It has the backbone of an ale, yet the delicate qualities of a lager,” says Ale Asylum’s Dean Coffey. Read more


Visions of barleywines dance in our correspondent’s head. And it’s a pleasant confluence of Madison Craft Beer Week and National Poetry Month. Read more


Michael Fay, head brewer at The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company, discusses the Black Watch Scotch cask ale they'll be bringing to Isthmus Cask Ale Fest at the Madison Children's Museum on Apr. 27. Read more



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Cask Ale Fest showcases naturally fermented brews served directly from the barrel they’re conditioned in. These beers offer brewers a chance to be creative and can showcase different sides of otherwise familiar brews. Read more


Jeff Olson, head brewer at Karben4 Brewing, brews the Vine Pale Ale that they'll be bringing to Isthmus Cask Ale Fest. The event kicks off Madison Craft Beer Week 2017 on April 27 at the Madison Children's Museum. Read more


Overwhelmed by the number of events? Here’s a hit list of tap takeovers for Madison Craft Beer Week. Read more



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Breweries to look for at Madison Craft Beer Week 2017 include Half Acre, Boulevard, Untitled Art and more. In addition, there will be plenty of rare taps and pairings. Read more

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A yearly tradition now moves to the eve of Madison Craft Beer Week. Isthmus Cask Ale Fest features exclusive cask-conditioned ales from your favorite regional breweries. This year, the fest will be held at the Madison Children's Museum from 7-10 PM. Read more