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Boris Johnson abandons Brexit, Madison school board hires pragmatic educator, and other stories that won’t actually happen in 2020. Read more

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UPDATE: Minneapolis police have searched a East High classroom as part of investigation into hidden cameras found in students hotel rooms on a school trip. Read more

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Hidden cameras were found in the hotel rooms of students on a school-sponsored trip. A Madison East High teacher has been put on administrative leave while officials investigate. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Madison Police to climate activists: Thanks for trying to save the world — now pay us $4,631.66. Read more

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Mike Koval’s abrupt departure as Madison police chief was prompted by his frustration with the mayor and other elected officials over staffing levels: “I’ve grown weary of it.” Read more

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As the city starts to put together its next budget, there is again a projected gap between expenses and revenues. Agencies will be asked to cut back and some will offer options that are not feasible politically. Read more

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Three former Madison alders have filed a complaint against school board president Gloria Reyes, charging that she should have recused herself from the vote on school resource officers. Read more

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The new three-year contract was amended to allow the district to drop an officer in one school after the 2019-2020 school year. It also calls for quarterly reviews of arrests and citations. Read more

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A small but vocal minority wants to remove police officers from Madison high schools. Read more

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A family rushed to Leopold Elementary on March 15 believing their fifth grader had been struck by the principal. They threatened to beat the principal’s “white ass,” but video surveillance showed the student fabricated the incident. Read more

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For four decades Isthmus has been putting together below-the-belt annual rewards for bad behavior. Not surprisingly, there is never a shortage of material. Read more

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Ald. David Ahrens got into a bitter exchange with Mayor Paul Soglin at the Sept. 4 council meeting. Two weeks later, the police began investigating Ahrens. Did he violate the open meetings law or is he a victim of political retaliation? Read more

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A WORT hip hop DJ was injured after a masked man entered the community radio station and started shooting. Madison police say an investigation is ongoing. Read more



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Protesters sat in State Street blocking bus traffic on Monday afternoon to push for economic equality. It’s part of a nationwide effort to improve the lives of the poor. Read more

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Madison is investigating how city agencies surveil and collect data on the public. Officials say some of the technology needs to be kept secret. Read more

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Lauren Justice

For Andrea Johnson, Madison is an inescapable reminder that her son, Tony Robinson, was killed by police. In June, she is moving to California to get away from the ugly memories the city evokes. Read more

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Library officials are considering whether to have Narcan at the ready after three overdoses at its flagship branch this year, one of which was fatal. Read more

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Alejandro A. Alonso Galva

Lake Safety will now be called UWPD Lake Rescue and Safety. Police say people won’t notice many changes, which will involve administration, training, setting procedures, and forming partnerships with other first responders on Lake Mendota. Read more


The closest psychiatric hospital is Winnebago Mental Health Institute, at least a two-hour drive from Madison. That drive time adds to the lengthy process of putting someone in protective custody. Read more


The Madison Police Department says it is changing how it tracks records request as a result of a lawsuit brought by Isthmus and the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. Read more


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    Madison police say the surplus military vehicle known as an MRAP isn't ideal for civilian law enforcement agencies.