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Officer Stephen Heimsness harassed a female officer a month before he fatally shot Paul Heenan. Madison Police launched an investigation but initially, only Heimsness’ victim was scrutinized. more

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Madison Police is embracing most recommendations made by consultants who spent a year studying the department. Just not the ones that are most critical of the department. more

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On Dec. 7, 2016, Isthmus submitted a records request to Madison police. After 421 days without getting records, Isthmus is teaming up with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty to sue the department. more

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David Michael Miller

A yearlong study ‏finds that Madison has good reason not to trust its police department. The agency does not conduct regular performance evaluations of its officers or its chief. more

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Stories on police settlements and reality stars made our most-read list. more

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East side residents banded together on Facebook during a police standoff on South Marquette. Neighbors were watching as Madison Police deployed two armored vehicles, two robots and dozens of SWAT officers in full gear. more

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The Madison Police Department was hoping to add 15 officers in 2018. But after losing out on federal grant money, it’s not clear whether the city will put any new cops on the beat. more

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A study from UW-Madison’s Center for Healthy Minds testing mindfulness-based training on Madison police officers shows promise in reducing job-related stress among cops. more

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Police departments around Wisconsin are embracing body cameras. Why hasn’t Madison jumped on the bandwagon? more

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According to Madison Police, 26 guns were stolen from cars this year and 41 guns were swiped last year. The department hopes a social media campaign will get more people to lock their cars. more

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The Derail the Jail coalition says Dane County doesn’t need to spend $76 million consolidating jail operations. But officials say the group is ignoring the facts and putting inmates lives at risk. more

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The Madison Police Department recently added the Sage Deuce Launcher to its toolkit of “less lethal” weapons used by patrol officers. But the weapon won’t change the department’s use of force policies. more

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After a record 11 homicides in 2017, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin wants 18 new high resolution cameras installed to catch “people who are firing guns.” more

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Every year, the Madison Police Department is forced to sell or dump hundreds of bikes that have been lost or stolen. Some police employees thought it would be nice if they could give away those bikes to people in need. more

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Civil rights lawsuits stemming from police shootings in Madison are raising the city’s insurance costs. The city’s share of just two recent multimillion dollar lawsuits cost taxpayers $600,000. more

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Cheri Maples was a tough cop who rose up the ranks to become a captain in the Madison Police Department, spending two decades on the force. If there was a single thread that held together the strands of Maples’ personality, it was courage. more

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How Madison deals with crime, homelessness and sharing community space still a tough balancing act at the top of State Street. more

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The Madison Police Department is hoping to get a slightly less imposing military vehicle by buying a BearCat from the Dane County Sheriff’s Office and sending its Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle back to the federal government. more

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Madison police says it won’t use its new drones often. But Ald. Rebecca Kemble wonders why the public and policymakers weren’t told about the new law enforcement tool. more

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Late last month, Andrea Irwin settled a lawsuit against the officer who killed her son for a record $3.35 million. But she has found no vindication or peace from the legal victory. more

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    Madison police say the surplus military vehicle known as an MRAP isn't ideal for civilian law enforcement agencies.