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Ald. David Ahrens got into a bitter exchange with Mayor Paul Soglin at the Sept. 4 council meeting. Two weeks later, the police began investigating Ahrens. Did he violate the open meetings law or is he a victim of political retaliation? more

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A WORT hip hop DJ was injured after a masked man entered the community radio station and started shooting. Madison police say an investigation is ongoing. more



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Protesters sat in State Street blocking bus traffic on Monday afternoon to push for economic equality. It’s part of a nationwide effort to improve the lives of the poor. more

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Madison is investigating how city agencies surveil and collect data on the public. Officials say some of the technology needs to be kept secret. more

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For Andrea Johnson, Madison is an inescapable reminder that her son, Tony Robinson, was killed by police. In June, she is moving to California to get away from the ugly memories the city evokes. more

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Library officials are considering whether to have Narcan at the ready after three overdoses at its flagship branch this year, one of which was fatal. more

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Lake Safety will now be called UWPD Lake Rescue and Safety. Police say people won’t notice many changes, which will involve administration, training, setting procedures, and forming partnerships with other first responders on Lake Mendota. more


The closest psychiatric hospital is Winnebago Mental Health Institute, at least a two-hour drive from Madison. That drive time adds to the lengthy process of putting someone in protective custody. more


The Madison Police Department says it is changing how it tracks records request as a result of a lawsuit brought by Isthmus and the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. more


Officer Stephen Heimsness harassed a female officer a month before he fatally shot Paul Heenan. Madison Police launched an investigation but initially, only Heimsness’ victim was scrutinized. more

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Madison Police is embracing most recommendations made by consultants who spent a year studying the department. Just not the ones that are most critical of the department. more


On Dec. 7, 2016, Isthmus submitted a records request to Madison police. After 421 days without getting records, Isthmus is teaming up with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty to sue the department. more



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A yearlong study ‏finds that Madison has good reason not to trust its police department. The agency does not conduct regular performance evaluations of its officers or its chief. more

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Stories on police settlements and reality stars made our most-read list. more


East side residents banded together on Facebook during a police standoff on South Marquette. Neighbors were watching as Madison Police deployed two armored vehicles, two robots and dozens of SWAT officers in full gear. more

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The Madison Police Department was hoping to add 15 officers in 2018. But after losing out on federal grant money, it’s not clear whether the city will put any new cops on the beat. more

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A study from UW-Madison’s Center for Healthy Minds testing mindfulness-based training on Madison police officers shows promise in reducing job-related stress among cops. more

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Police departments around Wisconsin are embracing body cameras. Why hasn’t Madison jumped on the bandwagon? more

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According to Madison Police, 26 guns were stolen from cars this year and 41 guns were swiped last year. The department hopes a social media campaign will get more people to lock their cars. more


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The Derail the Jail coalition says Dane County doesn’t need to spend $76 million consolidating jail operations. But officials say the group is ignoring the facts and putting inmates lives at risk. more

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    Madison Police Department


    Madison police say the surplus military vehicle known as an MRAP isn't ideal for civilian law enforcement agencies.