David Michael Miller

A frequent topic of conversation for members of the Hoan Group is the generational transfer of power. Read more

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John December

Many Madisonians have long pined for a public market and a modern mass transit system. Meanwhile, roughly 80 miles away, Milwaukee has ticked both off of its to-do list. How did the city do it and what can Madison learn? Read more

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In the days before Edgewood High School filed suit against the city of Madison for religious discrimination, one of the school’s lawyers offered to coordinate with the city how the lawsuit would be explained to the public. Read more



Jason Tish

Built in 1915, the Churchill Building was Madison’s first “skyscraper.” The building had an enormous influence on how Madison developed. Now the state wants to tear the building down for the most ironic of uses — a history museum. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Are our cultural, political and economic differences with the rest of the state fueling an ever wider divide? Do we need to come up with a marketing strategy to rebrand Madison? Read more

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The Milwaukee Brewers announced that naming rights have been sold to American Family Insurance, whose headquarters are in Madison. Thus begins the Madisonization of the ballpark. Read more

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Madison Mayor Paul Soglin conducted a poll last week that singled out who he, presumably, considers to be his main competition in next year’s mayoral race. Soglin has never lost a reelection campaign (he’s had five). Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Paul Soglin has upset the apple cart in next year’s race for Madison mayor. His opponents say he’s been mayor long enough. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

With more rain forecast and the lakes at capacity, Madison residents spent Friday preparing for flooding and fortifying their homes. Read more



Linda Falkenstein

These steel-paneled, barrel-roofed sheds and work buildings have been a big part of defining Madison’s look, particularly on the near east side, for more than a century. Read more

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John Wolf and Heiner Giese

If the Madison Reunion isn’t lefty enough for you, check out the Radical Perspectives Teach-In. Read more

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There’s no developer or buyer yet, but city officials are contemplating what could be done with the Voit farm and several nearby properties, which are either up for sale or are unused. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Eyes in the sky: Madison is installing a bunch of new passive-infrared cameras to track pedestrians downtown. Read more

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While watching this week’s Common Council meeting, Isthmus staff writer Dylan Brogan used Google’s Arts & Culture app to find the fine art doppelgängers of Madison’s alders and mayor. The results do not disappoint. Read more

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Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

While Gov. Scott Walker bashes Madison for political points, his administration spends millions to attract millennials to the capital city. The irony is painfully apparent. Read more

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David Michael Miller

There was little media attention last month when the Dane County Board quietly passed a new wheel tax. It’s a big subsidy from Madison residents to those who live in rural areas. Read more

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Terrence Wall rages against Madison traffic engineering department test on East Mifflin Street, possibly fueling a letter-writing campaign against the city. But officials say opponents have their facts wrong. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Flag day is June 14. But Ald. Arvina Martin says the central feature of Madison’s flag isn't worth celebrating. Read more

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Chris Winterhack

Photos from the ceremonial groundbreaking for The Sylvee, Frank Productions' concert venue being built on East Washington Ave. Read more

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Chris Winterhack

The inaugural Madison Night Market includes booths with arts, crafts and food aplenty. Madison Night Market will also take place the second Thursdays in June and July on Gilman & State St. Read more

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