Margaret Broeren


Papa Razzi

When Madison's favorite milkmaids in the Dairyland Dolls skated into Seattle back in April, they showed all of Rat City how things are done in the Midwest. Their blue-and-white uniforms may look sweet and innocent, but the northwesterners in Grave Danger learned quickly how tough the traveling team for the Mad Rollin' Dolls can be. The DDs ended the night with a 116-76 victory. Hot off a win in this interleague season opener, the team is set to battle the Denver Roller Girls. Mile High Club on Saturday, the first in a summer series of matches at home and on the road. more



Timothy Hughes

Welcome to the fourth installment of Mad Rollin' Dolls derby goodness with an introduction to the Vaudeville Vixens. Loyal fans of the Mad Rollin' Dolls roller derby scene have watched the Reservoir Dolls and the Quad Squad battle it out for first and second place three seasons in a row. For skaters and fans alike, the fourth season has proven anything but predictable. more