Carolyn Fath

Rep. David Bowen will introduce a bill that would block employers from urine testing for THC or disqualifying people for most jobs based on testing positive for cannabis. more

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David Michael Miller

Before legalizing pot for recreational use, let’s see how it plays out in other states. Impaired driving is the top concern. more

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The Republican-controlled Legislature shows little interest in allowing medical marijuana. But that hasn’t stopped advocates from pushing for reform. more


Around 1991, a different type of weed — wildly pungent, not just when burnt, but fresh — arrived on the scene. The buds were damp and sticky and delicious. All we knew about it was that it was called “indica” and it was expensive. But we loved it. more

Democracy in Crisis

In honor of 4/20, here’s a handy travel guide for the serious toker of places to travel, near and far, to enjoy some legal marijuana. more

Democracy in Crisis


Carolyn Fath

​While the push to legalize marijuana is gaining traction across America, Wisconsin legislators are not climbing on the bandwagon. The Madison-based American Cannabis Society, a pioneer in the battle, isn’t giving up, by pushing new proposals. more

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Although people at all income levels use marijuana, poor people suffer disproportionately from the high fines levied for possession. Dane County Executive Joe Parisi is urging municipalities to lower the fines. more

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Mary Bergin

Between the four short blocks that separate Colorado's only basilica from the State Capitol, I find Good Chemistry. Behind the frosted glass door is an immediate whiff of "green travel," Denver-style. more

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Andrew Averill

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison) announced at a news conference he was introducing legislation that would, if passed, make Wisconsin the 17th state to legalize the cultivation and possession of medicinal marijuana. more


At a Wednesday press conference with representatives from area law enforcement and drug treatment agencies -- many in colored name tags meant to correspond to their roles in the initiative -- Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and Madison Mayor Paul So more


It's a testament to how strong the marijuana movement is in Madison that its annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival is now in its 41st year. Despite reaching that milestone, this year's harvest is notable for a sadder reason. It marks the fi more


It is a clear early spring evening, and Jack is walking along the perimeter of his south Madison property, pointing out where he grows marijuana. "You really have to look to see it," says Jack, a pseudonym. Jack is middle-aged, with trimmed, spiky gr more