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Catherine Lazure

It begins simply, just a man singing. He bounds from word to word in an unfamiliar language. The cadence, however, is familiar. Suddenly his voice swells, and each syllable breaks into a flurry of harmonious notes. Parts of Swiss words roll and bounce into each other. The man is yodeling, but there's nary a "yodel-e-i-o." And there's a lot more to it than alpenhorns and Ricola commercials. Read more



Sarah Bork Hamilton

Born as coffee-shop performance project in Austin, Texas, "The Intergalactic Nemesis" mashes up the comic-book art of 1930s-era pulp serials with the vocal performances and live foley work of a classic radio drama. Read more


"Change" has been the watchword in the lead-up to this year's Wisconsin Film Festival. Eight days instead of five. Fewer downtown venues. More screenings at Sundance Cinemas 608. And, according to the festival guide released Thursday, a free trolley between venues at the UW and those on the near-west side Read more


If you have passion, drive and a slight fixation with something, there's probably a place in Madison where you can geek out with like-minded creative-obsessive types. In this video, members of three such communities share what makes their domain a fun space to visit, even for just an evening. Read more



Mark Riechers

Dorky comic-book heroes like Batman and the Avengers outgrossed cool superspy James Bond two-to-one at the box office in 2012. Data wizards like Nate Silver deliver commentary alongside former football stars. And many kids beg their parents for technological gadgets, not toys. Nerds have infiltrated pop culture en masse. The world has embraced geek as chic in nearly every way, especially when it comes to having fun. Read more



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In their own brand of hyper-specific and slightly precious music about grammar gripes and dinosaurs' body-image issues, the Doubleclicks -- a Portland, Oregon-based pair of sister singer-songwriters who will play in Madison as part of their "Ladies of Ragnarok" tour -- exemplify the kind of creative potential that the Internet has created for musicians, particularly geeky ones. Read more


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    Mark Riechers

    Partners in life and radio: Steve Paulson and Anne Strainchamps.