Matt Hrodey

The Koenigs Lab, an appendage of the UW psychiatry department, says something about the multidisciplinary nature of neuroscience. Named for Michael Koenigs, an assistant professor of psychiatry, the lab includes a postdoctoral researcher with degrees in psychology and comparative religion, graduate students with backgrounds in biology, philosophy and English, and a scientist trained in applied math. Read more


A few weeks ago, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue released the fall edition of its quarterly Economic Outlook, a report produced by staff economists at the department who forecast the ups and downs of Wisconsin employment. This is a topic of prime importance these days, but the state's news media do not always cover the report. Read more



University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health

Centered on the mind and nervous system, neuroscience is exploding, and there's practically no topic it won't take on, be it Shakespeare, meditation or consciousness itself. Or psychopathy. Read more



Daniel Fishel

"The funny thing about the word is I have no idea what it means," says Joey Tucci, shop manager at Context, the King Street menswear store that's been featured in "GQ" and "The New York Times". The store is one of Madison's fashion shrines, and I've come to learn about hipsters. Read more


The Overture Center for the Arts has had its share of complicated problems since opening in 2004. The solutions to some of those problems have been just as complicated, most recently the Common Council's agonizing decision to transfer management from the city to a private nonprofit, the Overture Center Foundation. But even with its tangled history, the Overture Center is not unique. Read more



Trip Carroll

Jenna Gibson was 15 years old when she had a life-changing moment. Gibson was nearing the end of her second stint at Southern Oaks Girls School, a juvenile correctional facility in rural Racine County. She began to wonder if she was compounding her own problems. "I thought, 'Maybe I should look at this differently,'" she says. Read more